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17. *SofÌa Vergara's "Modern Family" role, to her nephews: AUNT GLORIA.

34. *Tree in a foyer: COAT RACK.

43. *Deletes: TAKES OUT.

11. *Highway warning: DANGER AHEAD.

24. *Conventioneer's stop on arrival: CHECKIN DESK.

 62. Green course ... and what the start of each answer to the starred clues is?: MIXED SALAD.

OF COURSE! The first words are anagrams of a kind of salad. The word MIXED indicates these were anagrams - and even so it took me way too long to figure this out.



1. Sudden sharp sensations: STABS. That cluing allows it to pass the breakfast test.

6. Place for a meal: CAFE. What's your favorite cafe?

10. Eldest "Bonanza" brother: ADAM. Portrayed by Pernell Roberts.

14. Oahu veranda: LANAI. AKA porch or veranda.

15. Mannheim mister: HERR. C
onventional German title of respect and term of address for a man, corresponding to Mr. or in direct address to sir.

 16. Still-life subject: VASE. Not enough letters for fruit.

19. Signs: INKS. Not pens.

20. Opening words: INTRO.

21. Western movie staples: STAGES.


23. Deliverers of 20-Acrosses, briefly: MCS. Master of Ceremonies.

25. Small amount: DAB.

26. Place for a meal: EATERY. Another place for a meal.

27. Emmy winner Christine: LAHTI.

29. Eye protector: LID.

31. Maple Leafs, on scoreboards: TOR. Hockey - TORonto, Canada.

32. "Paper Moon" co-stars: O'NEALS. Ryan and Tatum - father and daughter.

38. Muscle spasm: TIC.

39. Lummox: OAF.

41. Nothing: NIL.

42. Longtime Eur. realm: HRE. A bit obscure, this refers to t
he Holy Roman Empire, located in western and central Europe and including parts of what is now France, Germany, and Italy. Dissolved in 1806.

46. Summer TV staple: REPEAT.

48. Natural ending?: IST. Naturalist.

49. "The Matrix" hero: NEO.

51. Liquid-Plumr shelfmate: DRANO.

52. Bug-eyed prayer: MANTIS.

55. Units of wt.: LBS.

57. Shelley's "__ to the West Wind": ODE. Another obscure one ...
poem written by Percy Bysshe Shelley in 1819.

58. Correct, perhaps, as a check: RE-DATE. For work I count and date (with a date stamp) incoming mail daily - sometimes over 100 in a single day. I tend to do this chore while watching Netflix, thus both re-counting and re-dating are regular activities.

59. Colorado's __ Park: ESTES.

61. Champagne brand: MOET. If you like prosecco (Italian sparking wine), try Ruffino - great price, too.

67. Start of Massachusetts' motto: ENSE. Is this Wednesday? Another obscurity. 'Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem,' which means 'By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.'

 68. Fateful March date: IDES.

69. Persistent attack: SIEGE.

70. Sounds of disapproval: TSKS.

71. Mouth off to: SASS.

72. SpongeBob's home: OCEAN.
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?


1. P. Hearst's captors: SLA. Symbionese Liberation Army

2. Cross-shaped letter: TAU.

3. __ Wilson, lead singer of Heart: ANN. Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson.

4. Leader overthrown by Castro: BATISTA.
Fulgencio Batista was president of Cuba from 1940 - 1944. 

5. Highway exit feature: SIGN.

6. Like many holiday concerts: CHORAL.

7. Type of exercise: AEROBIC.

8. Part of TGIF: Abbr.: FRI. Thank Goodness it's Friday.

9. Rub off: ERASE.

10. Howard Hughes, e.g.: AVIATOR.

12. One with questions: ASKER.

13. Unkempt: MESSY.

18. Ford classic: LTD. What did it stand for?

22. Told all: TATTLED.

23. Craze: MANIA.

27. Politician Trent: LOTT. Author and former
United States Senator from Mississippi.

28. Homework shirker's lame excuse: I LOST IT.

30. Spanish noble title: DON.
A courtesy title placed before the 1st name of an older or more senior man/woman as a way of showing them your respect when talking to them or about them.

 33. First word of some Brazilian cities: SAO.

35. __ conditioner: AIR.

36. Construction site sight: CRANE.

37. __ diet: high-fat, low-carb regimen: KETO.

40. Enjoyment: FUN.

44. Ritzy properties: ESTATES.

45. Old-fashioned messages: TELEXES.

47. Ordinary: PROSAIC.
Having the style or diction of prose; lacking poetic beauty, commonplace; unromantic.


50. Persistently preoccupy: OBSESS.

52. N.L. mascot with a baseball head: MR MET.

53. Long times: AEONS.

54. Round before finals: SEMIS.

56. Part of CST: Abbr.: STD. Central Standard Time.

60. Standard Oil brand: ESSO.

63. Snake River st.: IDA. Idaho.
The drainage basin covers part of six U.S. states: Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming.


64. Jeans brand: LEE.

65. Ottoman title: AGA. Person of high rank or social position.

66. Pride's place: DEN.

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