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Nagoya is famous for quite a few foods and Nagoya-style Fried Chicken Wings is one of them

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Sweet savoury sauce coated all over the deep-fried chicken wings is so tasty. The spiciness from the generous amount of pepper makes this dish so unique. Nagoya-style Fried Chicken Wings makes it into the top 3 of the Nagoya’s specialty gourmet food. In Japan, people call it ‘Nagoya no Tebasaki’ (名古屋の手羽先), meaning Nagoya’s (‘Nagoya no’, 名古屋の) chicken wings (‘tebasaki’, 手羽先). The name only indicates something to do with chicken wings, but people know what it looks like and how good it tastes. Origin of Nagoya-style Fried Chicken Wings Nagoya no Tebasaki was accidentally invented by a restaurant owner in Nagoya....

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