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The classic patty melt on rye or white bread is unbelievably satiating and surprisingly easy and quick to slap one together at home, sorta like the most indulgent cheeseburger ever

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Here’s how to make it. Adapted from George Motz | The Great American Burger Book | Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2016 “The traditional patty melt is a beautiful thing,” says author George Motz. We aren’t about to disagree. It’s essentially a melding of hamburger and grilled cheese sandwich with some sautéed onions tossed in for good measure. The classic patty melt calls for seeded rye bread, but a crusty white country bread works as well without interrupting the beefy-cheesy profile. As Motz says, “When prepared just right, the crunchy, buttery toast adds a velvety element to the hot mess of...

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