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I have a very bad case of the I don't want to do anything.  There is just a never-ending supply of work and everything I tell myself just roles off my back.  I try my mantras as in "You are so blessed with work," and that is not working.

I sewed hard yesterday, and I was able to complete 5 hard items, but more things poured in. Wedding things are seasonal, but the piles are ever with me, and I have to stay on top of them. I was so pleased with myself working on Memorial Day and cleaning up those said piles and here we have new ones.  It is like I did nothing. Blah!

Okay deep breath, Kim. Now I am talking myself into getting busy.  Soon I will just set my timer for an hour and tell my inner brat they are not leaving the shop until the timer goes off.  Then when it does go off, I am usually in the middle of something and because I am a finisher, I keep going into the next hour. But I am telling you sometimes I just want to run away.

Anne remind me  please of my whining in January because I had nothing to do. Yes that did happen, once. long, long ago (5 months) I had nothing to do.

So today I swear I am going to get into the shop and get things done.

1. replace zipper in a golf coat

2, press three outfits and call owners as they are done and ready for pickup

3. hem and dress and fix straps

4. hem a dress

5. hem two pairs of jeans

6. put darts in two pairs of jeans

7. hem two pairs of police pants

8. take a jacket in

9. put together a bridal veil (bride getting married this weekend and her veil has not come in)

10. start another alteration on a dress.

11. hem two pair of groomsmen pants

I would really like to go through my rack and organize again according to dates and what kind of items need to be done.  This keeps me from missing anything.

Here it is Thursday again and time for me to list all the ways I have saved money this past week.

1. saved $50.46 in my penny can for the month

2.saved all my spare change

3. saved all my $5.00 bills now have $365.00 or $110.00 this week. I swear many people paid in 5's.  I think it is my best week ever.

4. saved a $1, $5, $10, $20 bill

5. ate all meals but one out of pantry and freezer

6. picked lettuce for salads and sandwiches from my plants

8.  Used coupons for Joanns

9. stocked up on soda that was 1/2 price and buy 2 get 3 free

10. bought 4 butters at $2.50 a pound, but best price in a long while

11. made cookies for snacks

12. used our abundance of eggs for egg salad and deviled eggs

13. researched the least expensive place to purchase white flour.  Turns out it is Albertson's so bought 80 lbs.  WW I can grind myself.

14. Stockpiled some mayo, cooking oil and crisco, as the prices have doubled and if you are going to cook from scratch to save money you need these things.

15. Bought another 25 lb bag of sugar to store.  Sugar prices have not risen that much which is amazing.

16. downloaded all rec'ts to fetch

17. wearing clothing that my Sissie sent me.  Free clothes Yeah!

18. picked up a package of porkchops with a 50% off sticker 5 chops for $2.30.  Always check the marked down meat section

19. picking wild alfalfa daily for the chickens, they love it and it helps reduce food costs

20. still using the large box full of dog treats that my Lil sis gave me when her dog passed. I still have a large box 1/2 full of different things for the dog.

21. researched the least expensive place to get gas.

All are small things, but they do add up.

I do fear we are going into a bad recession.  I don't think we have to panic, but I do think we have to prepare.  If you prepare you won't be hurt as badly by it.

Buy a few more cans of your favorite food.  Stock up on pantry essentials.  As prices continue to rise you will be prepared to endure the recession.

Have any of you stocked up on anything?  If you have what is it you have purchased?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


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