The Ultimate First Apartment Checklist: Everything I Own & Love In My Apartment

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When I moved into my first apartment (and the months leading up to the move-in) I was OBSESSED. It's all I thought about. I made list on list of every single thing I thought I needed to buy. 

Fast forward two years of me living in my first apartment and I can confirm all the things that you absolutely 100% need to have for your first apartment and all the things that you don't need to buy. 

first apartment checklist

Moving into your first apartment is SO exciting! However, I did think I was going to be broke after realizing how much I had to buy. hah! There is so much to consider for your first solo place. I searched the internet for the best first apartment checklist, and I couldn't find one that honestly told me what they liked, didn't like, and actually used. 

So... I made this one to show you what you really need. I own all of these products and have loved them in my apartment for the past two years. To make things a little easier on you, I also made the best printable version of this checklist that you can use to really be on top of it.

I want to make sure I make this clear; you do not need to buy everything on this list at once. I don't want to make it seem like I bought all of this the week before I moved into my apartment. These are items I have accumulated over time and love having, and by no means do you need every last thing the day you move in. I'll put an asterisk next to all the things I think you need to buy right away!

I hope this is a helpful tool for you as you move into your first apartment and as you continue to collect all of your apartment essentials.

This post is all about the ultimate first apartment checklist.

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