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Rogue’s Hex Dumbbells are considered classic for a reason: They’re durable, high quality, and feature a timeless design. Dumbbells are arguably some of the most versatile pieces of strength equipment you could have in your home gym because they allow you to focus on every muscle group in your body, and provide an efficient workout in virtually any space.

These Hex Dumbbells from Rogue are one of our favorite pairs of dumbbells (and we’ve tried a lot). They have an ergonomic handle, meaning they’re thicker in the middle than the rest of the handle. Because of the hexagonal-shaped head, these bells won’t roll all over the place if you drop them while lifting, and the rubber coating will decrease the chances of damaging your floors. When it comes to a pair of high-quality dumbbells that are going to pump you up like Hans and Franz, these should be on your shortlist. The overall quality — including the durability, grip, and rubber-coated hexagonal heads — make these an awesome choice for any level weightlifter.

Main Takeaways

  • These dumbbells feature a chrome plated, ergonomically shaped handle that gives you a solid grip for your workouts.
  • The rubber coated hexagonal heads are great for floor use, and may decrease the chances of damaging your space.
  • The medium grade knurl is great for the high rep exercises you often do with a pair of dumbbells.
Rogue Fitness Dumbbells
Rogue Fitness Dumbbells
Rogue Fitness Dumbbells

These Rogue Fitness Dumbbells feature a hexagonal design, and are available in individual pairs or as a full set. The ergonomic handles are chrome plated, which will provide protection from corrosion, while also providing an ideal grip for lifting.

Rogue Hex Dumbbells Highlights

It doesn’t matter if you are doing a push or pull workout, putting your legs through the wringer with isolated movements, or engaging your full body, the Rogue Hex Dumbbells can handle it. Because of the rubber coating, you can drop them repeatedly, and from various heights without the fear of them breaking, or causing expensive damage to your floors — though we wouldn’t recommend purposely hurling your dumbbells onto the floor to test this out.

The Rogue Hex Dumbbells range from 2.5 pounds to 125 pounds, meaning the large majority of the fitness community can find a viable pair to suit their needs. You have the choice to purchase them in individual pairs, or as a full set. The sets range from five to 50 pounds, 55 to 100 pounds, and 105 to 125 pounds.

The chrome-plated handle features an ergonomic design that will give you a good grip for your lifts. The knurling is isolated to this area, and you’ll notice that it isn’t too abrasive on your hands — which is ideal for many high rep exercises you can do with dumbbells. Maybe the best highlight of all, they’re available at a relatively affordable price, especially given these bells’ high quality and durability.

Who Should Buy the Rogue Hex Dumbbells

  • Anyone looking for a pair of durable, high-quality dumbbells at a fair price.
  • Athletes looking for an ergonomic handle that will give you a solid grip without being too abrasive.
  • If you want to use your dumbbells to superset your chest day with some push-ups, you’ll love the hexagonal-shaped heads that provide the proper stability.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Rogue Hex Dumbbells

  • While some people may love the ergonomic handle, if that isn’t something you want, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.
  • Not everyone has the available space for a full set of dumbbells in their gym. If that’s the case, then you should probably grab yourself a pair of adjustable dumbbells
  • While the high quality may make the price tag worth it, these bells still aren’t cheap. If they fall out of your budget, you may want to consider a less expensive brand.


Since you can purchase these hex dumbbells in individual pairs or as a complete set, there are a few options in terms of pricing. If you don’t want to spend a bunch of money upfront, or if you are new in your fitness journey and don’t need heavy dumbbells, it’s nice knowing that you can buy individual pairs, and create a full set over time. The 2.5-pound dumbbells are the cheapest option available at about $20 per pair, while the 125-pound dumbbells are the most expensive pair and will cost you around $450. 

When it comes to a full set, you have three different options to choose from. The five to 50-pound set is the cheapest of the three, and is going to cost you right around $1,000. The 55 to 100 pound set will cost you about $2,900, and the 105 to 125 pound set is priced around $2,200. While these dumbbells aren’t the most expensive dumbbells on the market, they still aren’t cheap — and your purchase does not include a storage rack, which will cost you another couple hundred dollars. 

The biggest downside with the full sets is that there isn’t one that ranges from five to 100 pounds. If you wanted a set that ranges that far, you’re going to have to purchase the five to 50, and the 55 to 100 pound sets. Since you have to pay for both sets, you’re most likely going to wind up spending more money for these Rogue dumbbells than you would from another brand that does offer a packaged five to 100 pound set. At the end of the day though, you are paying for the high quality of these Rogue dumbbells, which, in our opinion, may warrant the price tag.

Overall Build and Quality

Because these dumbbells come in multiple weights, the handles will vary to accommodate accordingly. The dumbbells 10 pounds and less will have a handle diameter of 25 millimeters, while the 12.5’s and up will have a thicker diameter of 35 millimeters. The chrome on the steel handle will provide protection against corrosion, and the ergonomic shape should give you a solid grip. 

The heads are coated with a heavy-duty rubber, which can help protect the dumbbells, and may prevent damage to your floors and home gym. The heads are attached via “proprietary head to handle construction.” We reached out to their support team for clarity on that description, but weren’t given a solid answer. There shouldn’t be much to worry about though — Rogue is known to make some of the best home gym equipment on the market.


These Rogue Hex Dumbbells are a great option for anyone looking to fill out their home gym with high quality equipment. The heads are coated in a heavy-duty rubber that is going to increase the bells’ lifespan, while still preserving your floors. Because of the hexagonal shape, you can use them in various ways on the ground (i.e., for push-ups).

That shape is also going to prevent them from rolling around the floor when they’re dropped. And the ergonomically shaped, chrome-plated handles should provide a good grip for your lifts, with a knurling that won’t irritate your hands during high rep exercises.

Ergonomics and Knurling

Since these handles are in fact ergonomically designed, you will be able to easily see a difference in the thickness of these dumbbells in the middle of the handle compared to the ends. The Rogue Hex Dumbbells are chrome plated, and offer a non-abrasive knurling that is only in the middle, which may be an issue for some people, but that’s how these dumbbells are intended to be used. When we worked with them, we didn’t find it to be an issue when gripping the handles.

Chrome Plating

The Rogue Hex Dumbbells have chrome-plated handles, which will provide protection against rust, while also adding to their aesthetic.

Heavy-Duty Rubber

Since these are coated in a heavy-duty rubber, the lifespan of these dumbbells may be longer than a pair of dumbbells without any rubber. It’s meant to absorb some of the shock from repeatedly being dropped while lifting, but you may notice a slight odor when you unbox your dumbbells. This is normal, and we didn’t find them to smell as bad as some other brands may smell when they’re brand new. Just be sure to let them sit out for a little while before use if the smell bothers you.

Dumbbell Head Design

The hexagonal shape of these dumbbells are going to make it much easier to use them for push-ups and planks as there are six flat sides. Aside from providing stability during your workouts, this hex shape also ensures they won’t roll too far away from you when dropped.

Product Specs

Since these dumbbells range in pairs from 2.5 to 125 pounds, and come in full sets, there is an option for nearly every level weightlifter (unless you need something heavier than 125 pounds). Because these are not adjustable dumbbells, you might run into the dreaded issue of finding the appropriate space to house them — especially if you buy a full set. And the diameter of the handles are going to increase as you go up in weight — it’s also important to note that they may be a bit thicker than a handle that does not feature an ergonomic design. 

Dumbbell Type

These dumbbells are a pretty basic steel build that you can purchase in both a full set, or individual pairs. Because they are not adjustable, you’ll notice they’re going to dominate a good amount of space in your home gym. A storage rack is the ideal solution for this problem, but if you do not have enough room for all of that, you might want to consider a pair of adjustable dumbbells. There’s a lot of good options out there to purchase — they take up a fraction of the space, and can still help you build strength.


Rogue crafted these dumbbells with steel handles that are coated in chrome, which is known to assist in corrosion prevention. The heads are encased in a heavy-duty rubber which will minimize damage to your floors, and to the dumbbells themselves.

Handle Grip

The Rogue Hex Dumbbells offer a knurling on the handles that is not abrasive, but still provides a good grip. They’re chrome-plated, and while the knurling is only in the middle, we didn’t find it to be an issue when gripping the handles.

Weight Options

You have the option of choosing weights as light as 2.5 pounds, or as heavy as 125 pounds. This is great for people who want to one-day have a full set, but don’t want to spend a bunch of money up front — especially if they don’t have the need for all of the weight options right away. 

If you wanted to go ahead and purchase a full set (which may be the most cost effective option if you need that many pairs), you have three different options to choose from — the five to 50 pound set, 55 to 100 pound set, or 105 to 125 pound set. Since there is not a five to 100 pound set available for purchase, you will have to buy the five to 50 pound set, as well as the 55 to 100 pound set if you want a truly complete set. This might cost more money than getting a full set from another company that does package five to 100 pound weights.

Size and Dimensions

Because there is a big difference in handle diameter between the 2.5 to 10 pound weights and the 12.5 to 125 pound dumbbells, that difference is easily visible. The 2.5 to 10 pound dumbbells have a diameter of 25 millimeters, while the 12.5’s and above have a 35 millimeter diameter.

The handles are around five inches in length regardless of the weight, but the heads are going to increase in size as you increase in weight. The heads seem to be standard in their size, and you shouldn’t expect them to be any bigger than any other hex dumbbells you’ll find across the market. 


Rogue offers a limited lifetime warranty on the structural weld of these dumbbells. This warranty covers any defects from material workmanship. 

Places to Buy

You can buy the Rogue Hex Dumbbells directly through Rogue’s website. 

Company Information

Since 2006, Rogue has grown into one of the leaders in manufacturing fitness equipment. They remain dedicated to their pursuit of producing high quality equipment for all athletes. To find out more information, you can call their support number at 614-58-6190, or you can send them a message directly on their website, and someone will respond to you via email.

Final Word

The Rogue Hex Dumbbells are made of high quality steel, and are just about as durable as you’ll find. The chrome-plated steel handles will fight off corrosion, and the heavy-duty rubber coating on the heads will protect the dumbbells, and decrease the chances of ruining your gym floor when dropped.

Since the handles are ergonomically shaped, they are thicker in the middle than on the ends — and the middle is also where the knurling is located. While the knurling is on the moderate side and shouldn’t tear up your hands, it may also not be abrasive enough for some users.

Since you can purchase these in a pair or as a set, there should be a viable option for all athletes. While you could wind up spending over $4,000 on dumbbells if you want two full sets that will range from five to 100 pounds and a separate storage rack, the quality you’re going to find with these dumbbells should keep them in your gym for nearly a lifetime. Because of Rogue’s reputation, and the durable steel build and rubber coat on these versatile gym tools, we believe these hex dumbbells are well worth the price for the lifetime of use you’ll likely receive out of them. 


What type of handle is on the Rogue Hex Dumbbells?

These dumbbells have a classic ergonomic handle. This type of handle is thicker in the middle than on the ends, giving you a nice grip exactly where you need it.

What are the different weight options available with the Rogue Hex Dumbbells?

Rogue offers these dumbbells in various weights ranging from 2.5 pounds, all the way up to 125 pounds. You can purchase as many individual pairs as you want, or just opt in for a full set. The sets range from five to 50 pounds, 55 to 100 pounds, and 105 to 125 pounds.

What is the best method in purchasing the Rogue Hex Dumbbells?

At the end of the day, you need to do what is best for you and your financial situation. Some people may want to go ahead and get a full set, but if you want your dumbbells to range from five to 100 pounds, you will need to purchase the five to 50 pound set, and the 55 to 100 pound set. That may be ideal for some people, but if you don’t want to spend all of that money up front, you have the luxury of purchasing individual pairs, and over time, you can create your own full set.

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