More, more, floor: 7 tips for freeing up floor space in your home

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Making the most of floor space is one of the primary concerns for modern homeowners. Thankfully there are a number of space-saving products and techniques designed to help free up floor space in your home.

Use sliding drawers and cabinets

There are a range of ways that sliding drawers and cabinets can save you space in your home. Instead of having to take up precious floor space with dustbins and other essentials, you can hide them away and just get them out when you need them. You can even have built-in wine racks that allow you to save space in your kitchen and dining areas.

Lift your bed

If you live in one of those flats or apartments with high ceilings but limited floor space, you can make the most of the high ceilings by having your bed on a raised platform, or investing in a bunk bed to prevent taking up the already limited space with a bed.

Make use of shelving

Shelving is a great way of freeing up floor space but also providing an aesthetic way to feature your home’s belongings. Consider having floating shelves and floor shelving units installed around your house to display all the items of your house that need a permanent place to live. As well as freeing up space, it can be a good way to add colour and interest to your walls, too.

Make use of multi-use furniture

When living in a smaller space, multi-use furniture will become your new best friend. These pieces can be moved around and adapted to suit your needs. If you can’t make use of vertical space with your bed, an ottoman bed is a great way to provide some extra space.

Over door storage

You need to utilise every inch of space available when you don’t have a lot of room. Something like a wall hanging storage bag with pockets will help you to organise better. In the same way, over-door hangers are great for hanging towels or coats if you don’t have as much room in your closet as you’d like and don’t want to take up room with a coat rack.

Think smart with lights

As popular as floor lamps are these days, something like pendant ceiling bars will save tons of room on the floor. These lights offer perfect light concentration without unnecessarily taking up any floor space. As the saying goes, work smarter, not harder – and ceiling bars also offer task lighting as well as ambient lighting.

Put storage under solid furniture

In the majority of living rooms, the coffee or dining table is one of the largest pieces of furniture. You can actually purchase these tables with storage underneath, which is great for smaller rooms because it provides extra storage space underneath. You can keep books, blankets or even magazines in this area as storage.

Final thoughts

While saving space in your house can be a challenge, it’s definitely possible. By following these tips, you’ll be able to free up floor space and create a space that is both functional and aesthetic – and, more importantly, tailored to your personal needs.

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