Mid-century Modern Decor Styled Four Ways

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There are many ways to love the mid-century modern decor aesthetic, and we feature four of them here to inspire your next space. Our first featured home interior is a light and breezy interior that’s blessed with an influx of natural light. A white, gray, and beige decor scheme builds a relaxed look while mid-century silhouettes add unmistakable style. The second home we visit in this inspirational set is an arty abode that exudes creative energy. A laid-back minimalist style comes through in home design number three, where bright accents add a homey essence. Finally, we look at a sophisticated living space with strong masculine vibes and a magnetic reading nook.

Visualizer: MIC Studio  

This light and breezy mid-century modern home interior has a calming neutral color scheme with natural wood accents. A tensioned bookcase climbs the wall behind the living room sofa to create an attractive mid-century modern focal point.


The small sofa places a cool gray accent on top of a punchy black and beige living room rug. Its slender legs fit the mid-century aesthetic and visually open up the floor area. An assortment of plump scatter cushions fashions a welcoming look.


The large window is dressed simply with Venetian blinds that control the influx of sunlight. Instead of curtains, two vertical radiators make good use of the remaining wall space around the window.


The TV is wall mounted with no media cabinet stationed underneath. This keeps floor space clear and leaves the room looking open and uncluttered.


A fun archway builds a transitional tunnel between the living room and the kitchen diner.


A sideboard tucks into one of the alcoves beside the archway, while the second alcove houses a home workspace.


Tapered legs, rich wood tone, and flush pulls give the console table a definitive mid-century presence.

Visualizer: MIC Studio  

In this arty and energized home design, gallery white walls and a black and white rug set a tranquil base for an attention-grabbing, colorful painting. Mid century modern classic chairs sculpt interesting lines into the lounge layout.


A glass mid century modern coffee table reflects natural light deeper into the room. Coffee table books and a small figurine make up a personalized coffee table centerpiece.


A projector screen emerges from its hiding place inside a ceiling soffit. See more projector-friendly living room ideas.


Spotlights are recessed into two more soffits around the room perimeter.


A built-in black bookcase marks the change in zones between the sitting area and the dining room. Beige floor tiles lay down a thread of cohesivity in the open-plan arrangement.


Black and chrome chairs darkly flank a clear glass dining table. A black sputnik chandelier hangs a sculptural statement above the dining set, while abstract artwork hangs a colorful statement behind.


In the bedroom, red wall art sets a punchy accent color above a soft gray upholstered bed. The black headboard is matched by a mid-century modern chaise lounge chair with a bold black and chrome finish.


The red wall art is complemented by a bright red bedside table lamp, which perches on a built-in nightstand. The integrated nightstand design is echoed within a tower of display shelves to create a cut-through effect.

Visualizer: MIC Studio  

This laid-back minimalist mid century modern living room is colored by a warm red Persian rug. A mid-century modern green settee and yellow chair provide playful color contradictions.


A paper lantern pendant light hangs low in the center of the living room, providing an atmospheric glow at dusk.


Large expanses of blank walls deepen the restful, minimalist aesthetic.


An edge-to-edge, dual-aspect window wraps the room with a pleasing view. A wooden media unit is built into a nook inside the chimney breast to keep the room layout streamlined.


The open-plan living room includes a small dining area with a round wooden table and an assortment of dining chair designs.


A mid-century modern dining table pendant light creates a small but welcoming glow over the neat eating area. Task lighting radiates from the kitchen prep area beyond.


A solitary piece of wall art adds a pop of red to the stark living room walls.


The all-white kitchen installation quietly merges with the pale walls. Wood flooring warms the crisp decor scheme.


A wide ceramic vase is filled with fresh flowers to fashion a friendly centerpiece on the mid century modern dining table.


A full-length mirror becomes a bold decor feature with a black-and-white striped frame.


One wooden door frame draws attention to the entryway.


The home entryway is livened up with an iconic, colorful Hang It All coat rack by Charles & Ray Eames.


Glass partition walls section off a private home office. Sliding doors give entry to the home workspace without encroaching on floor space.

Visualizer: Studio Solo  

Sophisticated, masculine vibes ooze from our final mid-century modern home tour. Shades of deep chocolate and light tan make a warm tonal mix. A wood-clad ceiling treatment crowns the ensemble with a rich grain.


A clear glass round coffee table set makes a light impact on the deeply tonal room. Their smoothly curved glazed surfaces bend light reflections from the window and LED perimeter strips.


Abstract artwork decorates the walls of the home in restrained shades of beige and greige.


Home lighting selections cut intense outlines, born from mid-century modern style.


Wood wall panels build an intense cocoon around the reading nook. Custom-made, backlit bookshelves construct atmospheric illumination.

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