Jimmy From Easey’s Creates A Cheeseburger Recipe Inspired By The Bob’s Burgers Movie

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Whether you're a Bob's Burgers fan, cheeseburger lover or Easey's addict—we're happy to let you know you've come to the right place.  

We happen to love D, all of the above—so, we decided to celebrate the highly-anticipated release of the Bob's Burgers movie, by getting the legendary Jimmy Hurlston from Easey's to make us the burger of all burgers.

Inspired by one of the Belchers' very own creations from the movie, the 'Live To Fry Another Day' burger is something you're going to need to see to believe. And lucky for you, we've got the recipe here for you to create for yourself at home. 

Don't forget to channel your inner Bob Belcher while flipping these patties and catch the Bob's Burgers Movie in cinemas now.



800g beef mince—Jimmy says, "Don’t be silly and get the lean stuff, the 'Regular Mince' type offering should be your best option." 4 Burger Buns (approx. 10-12cm diameter)—"Something soft like a Martin’s Potato Roll or a soft round roll from your supermarket." 8 slices of burger cheese—"There are a few good options out there but you know the type… the orange one." 16 slices of pickles (approx. 100g drained)—"I like a garlic and dill style pickle such as Dillicious." 1 Brown Onion 40ml Ketchup—"I like Heinz Tommy K." 20ml Mustard—"I like French’s Yellow Mustard but any American-styled mustard will work." 5ml Olive Oil 5g Pepper 5g Salt


250g Plain Flour 5g Salt 500ml Soda Water 500gm bacon fat, tallow, lard, duck fat—Jimmy says, "You can either buy lard, cook bacon and take the grease or ask your butcher for some fat." 45g packet of French Fries—"The potato crisp."

(makes 4 burgers)


Frying pan or skillet 2 x Mixing bowls—Jimmy says, "One for the batter, one for crushed French Fries." Whisk Hard Metal Spatula Tongs Rolling pin


Prepare the burger patties by balling up the mince into 100g balls and then refrigerate. Dice the onion into very small pieces. To make the batter, sieve the flour into the mixing bowl. Add the salt into the bowl. Slowly stir the soda water in with the whisk until you get a smooth mixture. Mix the salt and pepper together. Crush up the French Fries in the bag with a rolling pin and place in a mixing bowl. Heat the frying pan to medium-hot heat (3/4 on the stovetop). Add the olive oil into the pan. Sprinkle some of the salt and pepper mixtures into the pan. Place two balls of beef in the pan and squash with a spatula until about 3-5mm thick. Sprinkle some more of the salt and pepper mix on top of the patties. Cook for 1.5-3 minutes until the edges have gone brown and there’s a pink circle in the middle of the patty about the size of a 50c coin. Using the spatula prise the patty from the pan and flip. Place one slice of cheese on each patty. On the top (crown) of the burger bun spread 5g of tomato ketchup and 3g of mustard. Add a large pinch of onions (approx. 15g) and 2 slices of pickles. Stack the two patties on the bottom (heel) of the bun and close with the top (crown). Repeat three times. Heat up the bacon fat/lard in a frying pan to approximately 160 degrees or ¾ heat on the stovetop. Coat each cheeseburger in batter and then coat in crushed French Fries and place on a drying rack. Place two of the coated burgers in the heated fat bottom down for approximately 90s and then flip to do the other side. Repeat. Place the burgers on a drying rack before serving.

And there you have it. Jimmy's 'Live To Fry Another Day' burger, inspired by the Belchers' very own creation in the new Bob's Burgers Movie. You can catch the first-ever movie rendition of the Emmy-winning series in cinemas now.

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