IKEA is Sharing Free Instructions to Make 6 Awesome Blanket Forts for Kids

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hand drawn picture of fort with blankets

IKEA is helping keep the kiddos entertained during quarantine! 🙌

IKEA is well known for their affordable furniture, space-saving products and now their awesome blanket fort ideas! To help parents at home, IKEA Russia came up with SIX super neat instruction manuals on how to build blanket forts. The best part is that you can use everyday items you have around your house! Thanks IKEA!

Each house is illustrated just like an IKEA manual and comes with an equipment list to get you started.

Check out these fun blanket fort ideas –

visual instruction on how to build a camping fort

Camping Tent

Even if you can’t go camping, your kiddos can do it at home! This one uses books, clips, mobile, string lights & more!

visual instructions on how to build a castle fort

Castle Fort

Princes and Princesses will love this style! Use chairs, coat hook, clips, string lights, and other supplies to make this fun castle-inspired fort.

drawings showing someone how to make a fort out of a couch

Fortress Fort

For those that like an adventure – or just need a little time away from siblings 😉 You’ll want to use your couch, clips, and a few soft items for this one.

visual instructions and supplies you need to build a fort at home

House Fort

All you need for this basic blanket fort is a table, books, sheet, and clips. Personalize it with a stuffed animal and lantern to create a cozy space for reading or naps.

instructions on how to build a wigwam fort

Wigwam Fort

Kids love these high ceiling forts! If you don’t have the IKEA TJUSIG coat rack, you could grab a few sticks or another coat rack or even a high stool, plus a rope, books, and sheet. Then deck it out with lights and pillows for a fun place to hide away.

visual instructions on supplies needed to make a fort out of a chair

Cave Fort

Kids can be their favorite animal in this cave! Just add lights, pillows, books & more to a chair.

DIY not your thing? Here are 10 play tents you can get on Amazon!

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