If you’re like me, you desperately want to dress like it’s spring right now but you also don’t want to freeze

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Here are my go-to products that provide warmth… and that when paired together, make for some very springy outfits!

Spring capsule wardrobe

Tretorn Sneakers: These are the best sneakers I’ve ever owned. One, because they’re so ridiculously comfortable. (Like walking on clouds.) And two, because they keep my feet warm. Don’t let this make you think that these are winter sneakers because they’re not; I wear them all summer long as well and my feet don’t get hot! They just seem to retain heat when you need ’em to. I’m never chilly when I wear them! You can find them via Shopbop, Tuckernuck, Amazon and Bloomingdales.

Bombas Merino Wool No-Show Socks: These are a MUST for girls who suffer from cold feet. As you may know, I have Raynaud’s, and I up until this year, there was kind of no way I could get by during the spring in ballet flats and loafers except for on very warm days. Now I can, though! I’m overjoyed, haha. (It’s the little things.) I have these J.Crew ballet flats, for example, and you can’t see the socks with them. It’s nuts! They also don’t slide off my feet. There are non-merino wool no-show socks, too.

Sperry Loafers: These loafers are the warmest I own! I wear no-show socks with them until around May, and then can usually get by without ’em. They’re crazy cushiony and require no break-in time. Can’t recommend them more. They run TTS and will never go out of style!

Pastel and (Striped/Gingham) Cashmere Sweaters: This sweater is such a godsend during the spring, and is lightweight yet warm. I usually just wear it with jeans, but it can very much be dressed up as well. I also love this gingham cashmere sweater, which is a warmer substitute for the classic gingham button-down, and this striped cashmere sweater!

Cashmere T-Shirts: This is a chilly girl’s best friend. Looks just like a t-shirt but feels luxurious and provide some good warmth. I wear them throughout the summer, too! (The black one looks awesome paired with white jeans and heels, btw.) The striped version is gorgeous as well.

Dudley Stephens Fleeces: If you don’t own one by now, it’s time! My favorites for spring are the Brighton Boatneck or Park Slope Turtleneck in “Natural Blush.” They both tuck into jeans very nicely!

Quilted Barbour Beadnell Jacket: Best. Jacket. Ever. Seriously, guys. I love the classic look of the waxed Barbour jacket, but the polar quilt version features the same cut yet is so much toastier. My sister-in-law (who lives in New Orleans) uses it as a her winter jacket! It’s fantastic. Cannot recommend more. (Note: I wear a size U.S. 4 in this jacket. I’d say that I would normally buy a size 2 in most J.Crew jackets, if that’s helpful.)

Quilted Trench Coat or Wool Trench Coat: Who doesn’t love a good trench coat? But I, for one, cannot wear them in Chicago—at least not when you expect someone to be wearing one, haha. I’m just too cold! My secret is to go with quilted or wool trench coats. I particularly love the Barbour one, as the brand is known for its warm quilted jackets! (Btw: There are so many great deals on Barbour via Nordstrom Rack right now!)

White Jeans: White jeans will make nearly any outfit look more seasonally appropriate at this point! And I keep blogging about this particular pair, but for good reason. They’re so comfy and look awesome on. I also wore them out on Saint Patrick’s Day and didn’t feel cold! I’m kind of moving away from the skinny jeans at the moment because I feel a lot more stylish in the Demi-boot cut. Highly recommend. Definitely the best white denim in my closet. If you’re looking for warm skinny jeans, try J.Crew Factory’s “Cozy” line. SO GREAT. They feel like sweatpants and provide a ton of warmth!

Liberty of London Accessories: This is such an easy way to add some florals to your spring wardrobe without compromising warmth! Hey, I’d love to be in floral dresses right now. I really would. But I’d also be miserable. It’s just not worth it! Grab a bandana scarf and tie it onto your bag, around your neck or around your ponytail. A bag, headband or mask (#2021) works, too!

Burberry Scarf in “Heritage Stone”: This is the one scarf I wear this time of year! It’s an investment, but it’s gorgeous and the only warm spring scarf I own. My dad got it for my mom one year and I fell in love… and now I wear it constantly! Looks really good with the Quilted Trench Coat and Wool Trench Coat, too. ;)

Sweater Blazers with Striped Boatneck T-Shirt or Striped Perfect Long-Sleeved T-Shirt or Short-Sleeved Version: Let’s prep it out! This is my most-worn outfit. Just is. I love it. The sweater blazer gives you that same look that the structured one does yet provides a whole lot of extra coziness. Wear it with a striped tee underneath, jeans and loafers… and you’re good to go!

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan: Softest sweater I’ve ever owned. Wear it over your springy tops to get by until things warm up!

Pastel, Woven and Floral Bags: Another easy way to spring-ify (new word) your look this season. My pastel favorites are the M&G Essential Crossbody, the Elisabetta Slouch Crossbody, the Italian Buckle Crossbody, and the Elisabetta Slouch Handbag. For woven bags, I love J.Crew’s Market Tote and M&G’s Monogrammed Palm Leaf Tote. For floral bags, I’m a big fan of Caitlin Wilson’s tote bags and this Liberty crossbody from J.Crew!

Fur-Lined Booties or Shearling Shoe/Boot Liners: For the really cold days, I still reach for my boots. These will likely be sold out by the time this post goes live, but they’re favorites because they’re lined with faux fur yet don’t look like it. Adding these shearling liners to shoes and boots really help with warmth, too!

Pink Lipstick: I recently bought this lipstick in “Paris Pink” and LOVE it. It gives me a whole new look! It also really seems to stay on.

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