How to Store Classroom Earphones and Earbuds

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Teachers need to have organized storage systems in place for storing and keeping track of classroom headphones and earbuds. Each earphone must have a number assigned to it for it to be used only by the student that is rostered for that number. The earphones can be stored in a large classroom pocket chart, mesh bags, or an earphone storage unit. See how teachers are finding affordable ways to store their classroom headphones below.  

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for storing classroom headphones.

 Storing classroom headphones at student desks
  • Hang earphones from student desks: Each earphone headset can be stored in a mesh bag and then hung from the student desk. You can also use desk clamp mounts to hang earphones under student desks.

  • Number your earphones to match desk numbers: Use number stickers on your earphones to correspond with the numbers in their storage units or the student desk numbers.

  • Line them up on a horizontal rack: Earphones can be hung from wall mounted peg racks. Install the racks under your whiteboard where you students can easily reach them. This neat arrangement looks amazing and it utilizes of unused space.


  • Use magnetic hooks or ties to hang earphones on whiteboards or filing cabinets: Magnetic hooks that are big enough to be coat hooks work perfectly for hanging earphones. Light earphones can be hung using magnetic ties.

  • Use a deep pocket chart: Number each headphone set as well as the pockets in your chart. This chart is for smaller headphones but there are bigger pocket charts.

  • Earbud pocket chart: This pocket chart is being use to store the classroom earbuds. Each pocket is labelled with a student's name.

Storing classroom earbuds
  • Use magnetic ties: Magnetic ties for earbuds can be stationed on the side of your filing cabinet. When students are finished with the earbuds, they just have to tie them back up in the ties and put them back on the cabinet.

More ideas for storing headphones will be added soon. If you tips for storing other technology devices, like classroom laptops, tablets, and student cell phones, I have put together different storage and organisation ideas in this blog post.

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