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For homeowners who are looking to enhance the look of their bathroom, a fresh coat of paint can be just the trick. When used well in the space, black paint is an excellent choice for covering up blemishes, adding a modern touch to the room, and complementing other colors.

The beauty of adding black paint to a bathroom is that it is a neutral tone, which means that it can be paired with warm or cool finishes. Its excellent versatility is just one of the many reasons homeowners are flocking to black paint for a quick and affordable bathroom renovation.

For those thinking of testing out black paint in their home, check out the following guide to using black paint when upgrading a bathroom’s look.
Choose a Focal Piece
While black paint is a neutral color, it can also be an overwhelming color when overused. For this reason, it is important to choose a focal piece for implementing black paint into the bathroom.

A great example of using black paint in a limited way is to paint the bathroom cabinets black. This is ideal when working with a small single or two-door cabinet.

The key with black paint is to not overdo the look. Rather than painting every wall in black, choose something small and focused.
@ejindrich_KB1971AX @ejindrich_KB1971AX Add a Touch of Contrast
Black paint will add a nice bold touch to any bathroom, but it will stand out best when a touch of contrast is added against it.

For example, if a homeowner opts to paint their cabinets black, adding white handles to the cabinet can help make the contrast stronger. Another option would be to use a splash of color to combat the darkness of the black paint.
Pair with New Fixtures
Due to the neutral tone of black, when adding this paint to the bathroom, it gives a homeowner the perfect opportunity to pair the black paint with new fixtures.

For example, adding a brass faucet or a chrome towel rack to the bathroom at the same time as painting a cabinet or accent wall is a great way for a small project to have a big impact on the look and feel of the room.
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For homeowners looking to add black paint to their bathroom, shopping for the right accent pieces is a must. Kingston Brass makes it easy to look for new bathroom faucets, sinks, and accessories.

When shopping with Kingston Brass, homeowners can rest assured that they have access to the top products and latest trends. Find the ideal bathroom fixtures to match an upgraded paint job today.

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