Driftwood Bookshelves That Bring the Beach Reading Experience Home

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There are so many aesthetics to choose from when designing a home library. Whether you have a basic Billy bookcase with bargain finds or a pristine collection of hardcovers organized in custom built-in shelves, every reader has an opinion about the best ways to organize and display their book collection. Even if that collection is only a handful of books, there are many creative and striking ways to shelve them in order to make reading a focus of your home. If you’re not sure where to start, there’s How to Design the Perfect Reading Nook and Reading Nook Ideas For All Sizes of Spaces.

I have spent most of my life living on an island, always within a half hour’s walk or so from the beach. (Don’t get too envious: it is a Canadian beach, so it’s not exactly tropical most of the year.) As such, the thrift stores I’ve frequented have always been overflowing with questionable seashell art and other touristy nautical decorations several decades out of date. It wasn’t until I started browsing Etsy for bookshelves that I saw how this nautical theme can be done well.

These driftwood bookshelves would be the perfect place to store your summertime TBR. I can only dream of a beachside cottage decorated in this style, celebrating summer and letting the natural beauty of waterworn wood speak for itself. If you, too, want to bring the beach reading experience home with you — even in the winter months — consider one of these shelves! They can be a great addition to a themed reading nook, or they can just add some nautical flair to any room.

Natural Driftwood Bookshelves

driftwood snake bookshelf

This is the bookshelf that inspired me to write this post! It’s inspired by a snake, and it’s…a little out of most our price ranges, but it’s nice to dream about — and maybe it will inspire you to make a similar shelf of your own! $1,311

driftwood bookshelf

For a similar style, but a little more compact, there’s this driftwood bookshelf from the Mediterranean. $238

driftwood bookshelf tree

A driftwood bookshelf tree! What a statement piece. $851

Driftwood Wall Shelf

This distressed wood wall bookshelf has a small piece of driftwood as an accent piece, which I love. $82

driftwood glass shelf

Another strategy is this glass bookshelf with driftwood attached. $229

Driftwood Floating Bookshelves

floating shelf with driftwood

This shelf combines a solid piece of driftwood with more delicate branches. $114

Driftwood Wall Shelf

This bookseller has a wide range of driftwood wall shelves, and they are all unique and striking! $150

live edge driftwood wall shelf

Here’s another one of their creations! This one is a live edge wall shelf. $125

This driftwood wall shelf doubles as a coat rack! $125

Driftwood Rope Bookshelves

large hanging driftwood shelf

This large driftwood plank has been made into a hanging bookshelf!…Or wine shelf, apparently. $318

large driftwood rope shelf

Here’s another rope swing shelf using a lighter-colored wood. $36

3 tiered driftwood shelf

How gorgeous is this three-tiered hanging bookshelf using driftwood? $91

If you like hanging shelves, also check out Book Racks, Rope Swing Shelves, and Other Hanging Bookshelves!

Tiny Driftwood Bookshelves

Another thing on Etsy that has caught my eye lately is teeny tiny books. I am only human: if you take something I love and make a miniature version of it, I will find it adorable. I highly recommend checking out my previous post about fairy bookcases and dollhouse libraries! I was surprised to find some driftwood versions of these, so I couldn’t help but include those, too.

fairy library bookcase

Look at this tiny fairy library! $148

hidden library driftwood sculpture

Marvel at those teensy hand-carved books in this driftwood library! $148

pebble and driftwood art bookshelf

Finally, I am apparently coming around to seashell art, because I love this pebble, shell, and driftwood art bookshelf. $67

- Danika Ellis


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