Basic Fall Outfits – Simple Outfit Ideas

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Back to basics with these Fall Outfits – This year keep your fall wardrobe simple with these outfit ideas. No reason to break the bank just to look good! I’ve spotted some fall clothes with really good prices.

Sammie’s adding to her college outfits by adding a few more basics. We are sharing simple outfit ideas and wardrobe basics to pack and head off to college with.

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Simple Outfit Ideas

Simple Outfit Ideas for fall - plus college clothes packing list and printable. See all the ideas and where to shop for fall at .

Keep things simple! Start with getting the basics. Add to the clothes you already own—Purge clothes you don’t wear. Take stock of what you need.

Wardrobe Basics

  1. These are the best underwear. They are great for playing sports or every day. Or get them in thong-style (they are cotton). This brand of underwear for women wash well and last long.
  2. Get a bralette or sports style bralette to match them. Pop over to see all the styles.
  3. Flared jeans like this are 62% off!
  4. New short pajamas and long pajamas for the colder months. These are cute and great buys!
  5. Don’t forget to pack swimsuits for swimming or go on outdoor club trips.

If you are heading off to college read this post college clothes packing list and printable college clothes packing list be sure to grab it. It will help you pair down what you bring. Especially if you love fashion.

Back To Basics – Fall Outfits

Fall Styles - Simple Outfit Ideas - Basics for Fall See all the ideas, sales and where to shop for clothes for fall.

Basic fall must-haves include items that will go straight into winter. Sammie didn’t expect it to be as cold as it was in Arizona in the winter. Be prepared for every season you are at college if you are going to school out of state.

Yes, she did bring jackets. She could have brought a heavier coat and several more warm outfits for the colder season. She brought home lighter clothes and swapped them for winter clothes (when she visited over the holiday/Christmas break).

Fall Styles

  1. Warm sweaters like this! Or a ribbed henley like this from Free People.
  2. This year she’ll bring something like this wool blend coat at 50% off it’s a great deal! Plus, it’s a stylish coat. Or this ex-boyfriend wool blend jacket.
  3. Looking for stylish and comfy? These flared corduroy pants by Free People. Available in 3 colors and 42% off!
  4. These UGG Sherling Cuff Sneakers or this pair of stylish chunky modern sneakers. Or these Van platform sneakers! Who doesn’t love a cute pair of Vans?!!
  5. Boots or booties are a must! And bonus points for comfy styles that can be paired with multiple outfits or worn every day. Last year, Sammie got these Doc Martens. You might like these floral mash-up Doc Martens boots. She wears hers all the time and loves them.
    My granddaughter got this white pair of Doc Martens boots. I saw this teal pair of Docs on sale. They really last a long time if you take care of them.

I’m looking for simple outfit ideas to take her back to college. Did you see this post? I shared our shopping haul purchased at Jane – Right now Jane is having a summer sale! Perfect for stocking up for fall or end of summer needs. Shop till you drop because it’s nothing over $25! What are you getting to wear for fall?

I also picked up shorts like this and midi jean shorts like this. I’ll share everything I’m taking on our trip soon!

Where to shop for back to school? Or back to college?

Our favorite places to shop right now for fall are Jane fall clothes , Target College Must-Haves (including clothes) all in one spot! And Norstrom Rack. Just to name a few places.

Shop fall sweaters at Target

Shop Our Favorites

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