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If you’re looking to switch up your workouts in the weight room, Again Faster offers some solid kettlebells to consider adding to your home gym. Ranging from nine pounds to 70 pounds, there’s a good chance there’s a weight option for you to knock out any level workout. Kettlebells may be one of the simplest pieces of gym equipment, but they may also be one of the most functional. Not only can you improve your strength, but you can also improve your cardiomobility, and even coordination. 

No matter if you’re looking for just one or two kettlebells, or a full set, Again Faster likely has an option out there to match your fitness goals. These kettlebells are molded into one single piece, so you don’t have to worry about the handle and the bell coming loose over time (like you often find in kettlebells that are welded together, or feature plugs). The textured powder coat finish provides a solid grip on its own, but it also works well with lifting chalk.

In our time with the 53-pound bell, we noticed that the handle is slightly flat on the top — plus, it’s wide enough for your two-handed grips, and the handles are color coded to allow you to easily choose which bell you want to work out with. If you’re looking for a high quality, cast iron kettlebell, these Again Faster Kettlebells may be a great functional piece of equipment to add to your home gym.

Main Takeaways

  • These kettlebells are forged from cast iron, and were molded with a single pour, so they are essentially one piece. This should eliminate any worries about the handle coming loose from the bell over time.
  • You can purchase these kettlebells individually, or in two different full sets (the individual set — one bell for each weight option; or a set of pairs —two for each weight).
  • The powder coat finish on these kettlebells adds a matte black aesthetic, provides solid grip on its own, and also allows for you to use chalk for your workouts if you wish.
Again Faster Team Kettlebell
Again Faster Team Kettlebell
Again Faster Team Kettlebell

Again Faster Team Kettlebells are made of durable cast iron and come complete with color coded handles and a matte black powder coating that holds as much chalk as you need.

Again Faster Kettlebell Highlights

Kettlebells can be an absolute game changer for any level athlete looking to ramp up their workouts in their home gym. You can focus more on your form, while also balancing out your muscles since you can do unilateral movements with ease. Plus, kettlebells also bring a different level of cardio workouts into your routine. 

These Again Faster Kettlebells are crafted as one single piece of cast iron and are poured into a single mold — which should eliminate any worry of the handle and the bell coming loose over time. There are seven different weight options for you to choose from, either individually or as a set.

The weight ranges from nine pounds up to 70 pounds, if you were to go for the individual set, you would get one of each weight option, and the pairs will include two of each weight. The color coded handles will make it easy to choose which kettlebell you want for a particular workout, and the flat base is seamless, so you don’t have to worry about your kettlebells falling over when you go to store them. 

The textured powder coat provides you with a good grip on its own, but CrossFitters out there will enjoy that you can also add chalk for your workout, and it’ll mix well with these. It is worth noting that these are not competition kettlebells, so if you’re looking for some kettlebells that are uniform in size, you’ll need to look elsewhere. And since these do in fact cap out at 70 pounds, if you’re an athlete of elite strength, you may want to find some other kettlebells that can accommodate your strength. 

Who Should Buy the Again Faster Kettlebells

  • Anyone looking for a kettlebell that is one single piece will enjoy that these are crafted with double cast iron molded from a single pour, so the handle and the bell won’t come loose. 
  • If your hands sweat while working out, you’ll enjoy the textured grip from these kettlebells. They offer a good grip on their own, but also hold up well to chalk.
  • If you want to purchase some kettlebells in a full set, you may find some usage out of the two buying options you have here. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Again Faster Kettlebells

  • If you want your handle to be perfectly round, you may not be crazy about the flat tops of these handles. 
  • Anyone looking for their kettlebells to be uniform in size will want to look elsewhere for a set of competition kettlebells. 
  • If you need your kettlebell to be heavier than 70 pounds, you will have to keep exploring your options.


Because these kettlebells are available individually, and in two different sets, you have a few different pricing options to work with. The cheapest kettlebell is going to be the nine-pound option which is priced right around $34, while the 70-pound bell is going to be the most expensive, and it’ll cost you nearly $130.

In the long run, purchasing a full set is going to be the most cost effective option. If you were to purchase the individual set, you will get one of each weight option for around $490. While the set of pairs is going to cost you nearly $900. It is worth mentioning that Again Faster does offer free shipping, and since shipping for a kettlebell can be pretty expensive, it may be best to take advantage of that offer. 

Now, these kettlebells are on the more expensive side of things compared to the rest of the market. However, since you do have the luxury of purchasing them in a full set, you may be saving some money over time compared to some other companies that don’t offer the same.

If you find these to fall out of your price range, you could always go for an adjustable kettlebell system, or a kettle grip attachment to transform any existing dumbbells into a kettlebell. But, a lot of adjustable kettlebells tend to cap out around 40 pounds, and a kettle grip attachment may not be as good as the real thing. 

Overall Build and Quality

Each Again Faster Kettlebell is constructed from cast iron, and since they are cast with one pour, they’re one single piece — eliminating the worry of your handle coming loose from the bell. Some kettlebells that are made from lesser quality often feature a handle that is welded to the bell, or maybe even some sort of plastic plug to hold the two together. 

Since these kettlebells are not rubber coated, and there’s no seam on the base, you may have more success in storing these than if they did have one of those two aforementioned traits. They shouldn’t wobble when placed on the ground — this is also significant during specific exercises, such as dead-stop swings, or a clean and press. But, if you’re working out in your living room at home, you may not be too crazy about the lack of a rubber coating, as these could cause more damage to your floors than rubber coated bells.


Again Faster made it a priority to make their kettlebells as stable and durable as possible during their construction process. Because the handle and bell are one single piece, you won’t have to worry about the handle coming loose over time. The textured powder coat provides a matte black finish, and a solid grip that also works well with chalk, and the flat, seamless base will allow you to safely store these kettlebells wherever you please. 

Handle Grip and Comfort

Because of the textured powder coating, these Again Faster Kettlebells are going to provide a solid grip on their own (but if you prefer, they also work well with chalk). This powder coat may even provide a better grip than kettlebells that are rubber coated or feature raw casting. The actual handle is a bit flat on the top, which may fill up your hand a bit more than if it was perfectly round. We didn’t necessarily find it to make much of a difference during our time with the 53-pound bell, but that could be a personal preference to consider.

Once again, we were not able to get the exact measurements for the diameter of the handles, you can still expect the handles to increase in size as you go up in weight, and when it comes to the 53-pound bell, it seemed to share a diameter of some other similar kettlebells of about 1.5 inches. 

Overall Appearance

If you’re anything like us, you most likely want your gym equipment to look nice in your home gym. In our eyes, the matte black powder coating on these kettlebells gives them the nice aesthetic we strive for. Plus, the engraving of the branding, and the weight in both kilograms and pounds adds to that aesthetic. Nobody wants to accidentally pick up the wrong weight (whether it be too heavy or too light), and luckily that is something you won’t have to worry about thanks to the color coding on the handles. 

Surface Finish

Each of these Again Faster Kettlebells have a flat, seamless base, which will come in handy when you go to store them. The powder coating makes these stand out compared to some kettlebells that are coated in rubber — though there may be some that prefer the rubber.

Rubber coated kettlebells are probably the ideal choice for those who are working out in their home, and don’t want to run the risk of damaging their floors. But, they also may not be as aesthetically pleasing as these, or be able to hold chalk as well. However, these powder coated kettlebells give you that classic look of an iron kettlebell, and they can hold chalk if you need, while also providing a solid grip on their own.

Product Specs

These kettlebells from Again Faster are not competition bells so the overall size of each weight option will increase as you go up in weight. Ranging from nine to 70 pounds, there’s a good chance you can find good utilization out of these bells. These cast iron bells are molded in a single pour, so the handle and body are one piece, creating a seamless product. Even the flat base is seamless, and since these are not coated in rubber, it may be easier to store them on a shelf, a rack, or even the floor.

Weight Options

With these Again Faster Kettlebells, you have seven different weight options to work with, and since they all feature a color-coded handle, you won’t have to worry about accidentally grabbing the wrong weight. While the handle diameters for these kettlebells are not listed on their website, it’s safe to assume that they will increase as you go up in weight, and the same goes for the overall size of the kettlebells, since they are not competition kettlebells.

The seven weight options range from nine pounds, up to 70 pounds — while this may be plenty for the recreational weightlifter, if you need anything heavier, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

If you are wanting to add more than one kettlebell to your home gym, Again Faster has you covered by offering two different sets. The individual set will consist of one of every weight option from nine to 70 pounds, and is going to cost you around $450. While the pairs set will have two of each and run you right around $900. Pairs are ideal if you want to perform a bench press, or even kettlebell pushups. 

Size and Dimensions

Since these are not competition kettlebells, the size of each bell is going to increase as you go up in weight. So if you desire your kettlebells to be uniform in size, you will need to look elsewhere since Again Faster does not offer that style of kettlebell. The dimensions of these bells are not listed on their website, which may be disappointing to some since you won’t really know what you’re working with until you get them in your hands. 

Handle and Body Material/Construction

Maybe the best thing about these Again Faster Kettlebells is that the handle and the bell are both made from one single piece of cast iron. This single-piece casting process is going to keep the bell coming loose over time, as it might if it were two pieces.

You often find some kettlebells of lesser quality to use plastic plugs to hold the handle and bell together, but those may eventually give out on you. This added durability will play a big role during the dynamic movements you often find yourself doing during kettlebell training. The matte black powder coating on these bells will also give you a nice grip with or without chalk. 


While these Again Faster Kettlebells do not include a storage rack with your purchase, you do have the option of purchasing their 3-Tier Mass Storage Unit. This can not only house your kettlebells, but also any other equipment you may have at home, such as dumbbells, weight platesbumper plates, and even medicine balls. However, it’s going to cost you nearly $1,000, plus it will need at least six feet of space. Since these kettlebells have a flat and seamless base, you can safely store these on your floors or a shelf to save some money. 

Places to Buy

You can buy these kettlebells through the Again Faster website.

Company Information

Again Faster has been manufacturing gym equipment since 2006. Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, they specialize in producing high quality products at more affordable prices than some competitors. You can contact them via email at, or by phone call 877-736-8775 to find out more about their policies.

Final Word

Again Faster Kettlebells range from nine pounds to 70 pounds, which is likely plenty for most recreational lifters. If you are in the market for a solid kettlebell to add to your home gym, these may be the ones you have been looking for. The single pour process used to make these kettlebells essentially eliminates the worry of the connection between the handle and the bell coming loose while working out, and the flat, seamless base will make it easy to store these bells however you please. 

The powder coat adds to the aesthetic of these kettlebells, while also providing enough texture to give you a solid grip on its own — but if you enjoy using chalk while lifting, you may find success with how these hold up with chalk. The color-coded handles allow you to quickly grab the right weight for your workout without needing to think twice about it. Like the majority of kettlebells, these won’t dominate too much space in your home gym either.

These are great for the beginner and intermediate lifter to purchase, but since the weight does max out at 70 pounds, anyone of elite strength may want to look elsewhere for some heavier weight options. Since these are made using a single pour, and you can buy them both individually, in an individual set, or as a set of pairs, the Again Faster Kettlebells are a great long-term (and multi-use) option to add to your home gym — we do have them in ours, after all. 


Are these Again Faster Kettlebells durable?

Yes, just as long as you take proper care of them. Because they are one single-piece, you shouldn’t have to deal with the handle and the bell coming loose over time. Just don’t be careless and drop them onto concrete, or leave them outside in the rain to collect rust.

Which Again Faster Kettlebell weight should I buy?

This really boils down to where you are in terms of overall strength, and where you envision yourself being. Since there are so many different exercises that you can do with a kettlebell, it’s best to get some that can accommodate those movements you enjoy, and your level of fitness, combined.

What kinds of exercises can I do with Again Faster Kettlebells?

Kettlebells are some of the most functional pieces of gym equipment out there. You can do a standard bicep curl, bent rowsshoulder presses, or you can do more complex exercises such as a Turkish get-up, or kettlebell snatches.

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