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We all know what the true meaning of being a teenager actually is. We have seen that time period and remember it as clear as it was yesterday. Teenage years are those couple of years in which we grow not only physically but also, emotionally and mentally. These are years in which we build up new parts of us and destroy others. We get to learn and understand so much of who we are and what we want to become. These years define us. We make all sorts of important decisions and prepare ourselves for the next big chapter of our lives that is adulthood. We make mistakes and learn from them. We take actions and steps that teach us so much.

Teenage years are beautiful and equally devastating. It is not always easy and different for everyone. However, one thing that is the same for all teenage girls out there is their stress over what to wear. As a teenage girl, there is a lot of pressure out there to be the best and to look the prettiest. Thus, thousands of girls fret over their clothing. Luckily, there are many stores out there that work on girls clothing. While there are many dress codes out there, ranging from formal to beachwear, let us focus today on casual clothing because this is the most common sort of attire. Following are 5 best options for teen girls to dress casually.
The word casual means to be in your natural state and to be laid back and be something that doesn’t require a lot of effort. This cannot be accomplished with your face all dressed up with makeup. No, that is not the way to go. This is why you should not apply heavy makeup on your face. Yes, it is understandable that one feels makeup to be a necessity because of their insecurities or the mere pressure of being a girl. However, wearing no or less makeup doesn’t mean that you are not beautiful. It means that you are confident and brave.
To fully do justice to the casual look, you need to go easy on the makeup. Don’t go with false lashes or heavily contoured cheekbones. Wear a light coat of mascara and put on blush. Put on gloss or a lip balm or even a tint. Attain that natural glow and rosy cheeks and you are good to go.
Going shopping is not always an easy task. You go to purchase only one item and are presented with so many options and different varieties that it gets impossible for you to choose. Fashion is a big platform with hundreds of options regarding the same item. You will find a black shirt in chiffon, in silk, in mesh, sequins and so on. So, you need to go into a shop thinking about exactly what you are going to get.
Luckily, this is easy if you are shopping for a casual look. You need to buy stuff that would be presentable but also tell the world how you didn’t dress up all fancy and put in the extra effort. You can achieve this if you stick with the basics. Nothing beats plain t-shirts in blacks, blues, greys and whites. These are classic items that every wardrobe should have and are fantastic for casual attire. If you want colors and a little funk, then you can also get plain shirts in yellows and reds. The keyword is that you want a plain shirt or the closest item to it. You can get graphic shirts or printed ones too but stay away from that sequins rack!
There are dramatic patterns like snake print and cheetah and then there are casual and cool patterns such as stripes, polka dots and plaids. You want to buy these, trust me. The thing with such patterns is that they are dressy and casual, simultaneously. They add a little flair to your whole outfit without giving any extra unrequired bling. Moreover, they can also be paired and carried beautifully. You can wear them with shorts, with skirts, with jeans and so on. They act as the cherry of your whole outfit and certainly gives you a little edge and class.
We all struggle with finding the right pair of jeans. Well, be prepared because your struggle is going to get a little bit tougher because you are going to learn about the different types of jeans and pants you must have.
 We all know the basic skinnies and wear them everywhere but if you want your casual look to be also trendy, you need to dig a little bit deeper into the sorts of jeans there are out there. The world doesn’t end at skinnies only. There is so much more. You must have your basic denims and blacks. Lets tick that off of our list. Now, think about mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, baggy pants, flared jeans and ripped jeans. All of these items are covering magazine pages where we learn about celebrity street style. Our favorite models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been seen strutting down the streets in these classy pants. They are very trendy and also, very adaptable, you can pair them up in a lot of different styles and you must get them.
Like a donut isn’t complete without its sprinkles on top, an outfit isn’t either without the correct sort of accessories. Do justice to all of your outfits by topping them off with the right items. Get a pair of classy shades, get chunky belts, and get bracelet watches or simple leather strap watches. Buy yourself a pair of studs of hoops. Get sneakers and trendy footwear like Vans, boots or chunky sneakers from FILA. Looking casual doesn’t mean that you don’t have to invest in new products. Which is why you need to go shopping!

Looking nice and presentable is essential. Your style and your appearance leave a lasting impression on others about you as a person and your personality. You need to find what your style and comfort level is and then do a little research. Read fashion magazines to know what is in and trending, get style inspiration from the models and celebrities. Let these enlighten you and then go on a shopping spree. Explore around with the choices that you have and get something that makes you happy. Putting in the effort for yourself is necessary and much needed. So, go hit the malls!

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