30 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Living Room

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There are some very simple ways to enhance your living room that don’t require a lot of money or effort on your part. One thing you can do to make a room look better is hang up pictures and leave posters on the walls that reflect current trends. There are also certain things you can do to change the way your living room feels. Here are some simple ways to enhance your living room.

Comfortable Seating Space

Use comfortable sofas and comfortable chairs. There is no reason why the living room should be anything but inviting. For example, when you go to a restaurant, sit at the bar and look around. Notice how the environment and seating makes you feel welcome and comfortable. Use similar techniques while decorating your living room.


Sofas and chairs are a combination of furniture that must be owned in decorating the living room as a sitting area that can be used to gather with your family or friends. Choose and use a tufted sofa for a softer and warmer sitting surface. When you choose a chair, just match the color of the chair with the sofa so that it has an elegant color harmony. Tufted sofa and armchair gray from elledecor.


If you are already using a set of chairs and sofas in light blue, then it’s a good idea to add two leather chairs with different colors when you have a large number of families. So that this living room is not cramped, you can use a transparent glass window with a white wood frame that has the same color as the paint on the walls and ceiling of this room. Light blue armchair and sofa set with two leather chairs from elledecor.


This sofa and two chairs that are placed facing each other can be completed with a seating area in the windowsill area by adding a bench covered with throw pillows. You can use neutral colors in this sitting area, it’s good to add some colorful throw pillows to make the room more lively and fun. Furthermore, the round coffee table becomes a combination of furniture that can be used as needed. Sofa and chairs placed opposite each other from elledecor.


Have you used a neutral sofa without a pattern? If so, then you can use two patterned chairs with a splash of darker color. A shiny gold coffee table is one of the furniture that looks more luxurious and fits in with the feel of any colored room. Large glass windows make this room feel brighter and open. Plain sofa with dark patterned chairs from elledecor.


There’s nothing wrong with using sectional sofas and chairs with neutral colors, now you can add throw pillows with a bolder color so that they can be used as a beautiful and elegant focal point of course. This pillow can be used according to the weather of the room, if it feels colder you can use it simultaneously with the blanket that has been provided. Sectional sofa with neutral colored chairs from elledecor.

Use Soft Cushions

This is another great way to improve the ambiance of your living room. Think about the atmosphere you hope to create, and choose furnishings that will create that ambiance. For example, choose pieces with soft cushions and designs that create a relaxed atmosphere.


To make the surface of your sofa and chairs warmer and softer, you can use throw pillows of two different colors and sizes. When you use a black sofa, you can use a matching throw pillow and a red pillow so that it can be used as a focal point that can be of better use. Throw pillow in black and red color from elledecor.


Make the appearance of your white sofa more colorful by adding some throw pillows that have many different patterns and colors. This white sofa is equipped with matching colored chairs and a wooden coffee table and carpet that has a splash of earth tone color. The fireplace is an interior addition that can warm the room to the maximum. White sofa with throw pillows in rich patterns and colors from elledecor.


This modern classic living room decoration is equipped with throw pillows with rich patterns, making the room feel more vibrant and not easily boring. Not only on throw pillows but you can also use other patterns on several other interiors such as rugs, curtains and two chairs placed opposite each other. Sofa with velvet material has a softer and warmer surface of course. Modern classic throw pillow from elledecor.


Do you want a more elegant modern minimalist living room decoration? If so, then you can use furniture with neutral colors that have a plain surface or without a pattern. When you use a white sofa, you can also use throw pillows in the same color, white being one of your favorite color choices that makes the room feel wider, brighter and open. Throw pillow in the same color as the sofa from elledecor.


The abstract pattern that is applied to this throw pillow is an interesting option that can be tried into a white living room decoration. This pillow will have a contrasting color and pattern with two chairs placed in the same room, the thing you have to do now is paint the entire wall with white color to neutralize and balance all the colors in this living room. Colorful abstract pattern throw pillow from elledecor.

Add New Artwork

Many people believe that living rooms are meant for just having people hang out and talk. However, it’s possible to turn your living room into a space that’s relaxing and inviting. You can make a room more interesting by putting in new artwork or even framed pictures. Investing in artwork is another way to improve the mood in your living room. Art is a wonderful way to express yourself and to beautify your home.


Don’t let the walls in this living room decoration look plain and boring, now you can decorate them by hanging several painting frames that have different themes. One thing you have to do is use a frame with the same material, a frame with a wooden frame is one of the favorite choices that is widely used in decorating all rooms in your home. Painting frames with different themes from apartmenttherapy.

At_house tours_2019-08_lara b_dsc_0086

This horse canvas painting design applied in a white frame becomes one of the wall decorations that you can try hanging on one part of the empty living room wall. Or rather, you can hang this painting right above the sofa to make it a more attractive focal point of the room and provide its own artistic value which is very suitable when combined with natural wood interiors. Horse canvas painting from apartmenttherapy.

At_house tours_archive_lauren maclean dreamy apartment_b66ac3943e2445d3c4f9699da97de47771b1507b

Complete the look of your molding wall with two abstract paintings that are large enough, you can hang them on both sides of the fireplace with sufficient distance and the same height. This abstract painting has two splashes of different colors, black and white are always the favorite color choices that are often used in any case, including your current abstract painting. The sofa with orange color becomes the focal point of the room because it has a striking color. Two abstract paintings hanging on either side of the fireplace from apartmenttherapy.


Not only paintings, but you can also decorate the walls of this open living room with a series of family photos that are applied in one large square frame. This photo frame can be used as a memory with your family when you see it. The blue sofa with velvet material is one of the comfortable sitting areas to use throughout the day. Hanging photo frame wall decor from apartmenttherapy.


This wall decoration with white paint can be perfected by hanging a 3D canvas painting that is large enough to make the room feel more colorful. You can hang this painting right above the sofa so that it can be used as the focal point of a beautiful room and of course it has a unique artistic value and is different from the others. 3D canvas painting on the sofa from apartmenttherapy.

Place Candles

Make sure that your lighting fixtures are also arranged in a way that enhances the mood in the room. If you have a fireplace in your living room, it would be wise to place candles around them. These will create a romantic ambience in the home and give you and your loved one hours of relaxation. Try to choose candles that match your existing interior lighting.


If you have a fireplace that is not in use then you can use it to put some candle lanterns that have beautiful carved surfaces. Use several candle lanterns of different sizes as much as possible so that they can be used as warm lighting, mirror da garlands make additional mantel fireplace decorations that are very easy to find. Candle lantern with carved surface inside the fireplace from digsdigs.


Three large candles placed in this fireplace can be used as dramatic room lighting when combined with a candle holder placed right above the mantel. All of these candles will work well together for dramatic lighting that is inexpensive and easy to find. Pallet signs are additional ornaments that seem natural and vintage. Three candles in the fireplace with a candle holder in the mantel area from digsdigs.


This classic modern fireplace which is dominated by black is the best choice for a living room decoration. Now you can use it as an area to put some candles lighting as a warm and inexpensive room lighting. Use this candle in sufficient quantity to produce a brighter light. Classic modern fireplace with candle light inside from digsdigs.


This french country-style living room decoration is equipped with a fireplace that has the same color as the walls and furniture around it. Take advantage of this fireplace as an area to put a few candles to light the living room that seems dim and dramatic. Not only in the fireplace, but you can also put aromatherapy candles in the mantel area to relax the atmosphere of the room. French country candlelit fireplace from digsdigs.


If you need warm lighting in the living room then you can use some candle lighting that is placed in the fireplace. This candle will be safer from the reach of your children so it is very precise and you can try it easily. Hanging mirrors and greenery around it are additional ornament ideas that you can apply simultaneously. Combination of candle lighting with greenery all around from digsdigs.

Install Carpets

Carpet is another great investment that can be added to your living room. Not only it’s a great way to cover up flooring that is not very appealing, but it is also easy to clean between uses. This is a simple way to enhance your living room are affordable and are easy to take care of.


If you want warmer footwear when decorating the living room, then you can coat the floor with a faux fur carpet with a more neutral color such as white so that it can be combined easily when around furniture with different colors. A gray L sofa and a round wooden coffee table are an elegant combination that can be imitated to remodel your current living room decor. Faux fur carpet from mydomaine.


It’s a good idea to cover the floor with a simple bohemian patterned carpet that has a cream color. The white floor sofa is a combination of warm, soft and comfortable furniture. Finish the look of this living room with ornamental plants that are placed in the corner of the room, besides that these plants are also very stunning when combined with large enough canvas wall art. Bohemian rug in beige color from mydomaine.


Match the color of the carpet with the feel of the room or other furniture around it, now you can combine capet with a table ottoman which has a combination of white and brown. Bring these two pieces of furniture to life with the use of brick red leather sofas and wall decorations that have different colors, patterns and themes. You can try it to make the room feel more elegant. The combination of white with brown carpet from mydomaine.


Adjust the use of your carpet with the nuances and style of the current living room, if you have a living room decor with a vintage style then you can use a classic carpet with a bolder color so that it can be used as a beautiful focal point and also as warm and comfortable footwear. A glass coffee table is a perfect combination of furniture, green wall paint is a contrasting interior blend. Classic carpet style from mydomaine.


Make your living room decor more stylish with a little extra comfort, one of which is by placing a dot-patterned rug over sofa and chair furniture that has a bold color. The luxury in this room is also equipped with a natural-colored carved ceiling that is perfected with crystal chandeliers that have orange lighting that makes the room feel warmer. Dot pattern carpet from mydomaine.

Reorganized Your Stuffs

Another simple tip is to organize items according to type. Put items in categories such as books, CDs, DVDs and so on. You may also choose a certain grouping for all of your favorite items. This will keep them together and also help you know what you have on hand. Storing things in their respective categories can free up a lot of space. By reorganized your living room will give a new atmosphere that is neat and organized.


The comfort of the living room can be seen from its appearance and its neat and orderly layout. When you are someone who likes to collect books, then you can make a wall mounted bookshelf that is installed right behind your chair. This shelf is usually made of wood which is repainted according to the feel of the room so that it can look unified and elegant of course. Wall mounted bookshelf from mydomaine.


Do you need storage in your small living room? If so, then you can use the windowsill area to place a medium-sized standing shelf. You can use this shelf to put some of your favorite books that you often read while relaxing in this living room. You can arrange this book according to the category you want to make it easier for you to find the book you are looking for. Standing bookshelf in the living room windowsill area from mydomaine.


Take advantage of your living room wall space with floating wall mounted bookshelves that are installed vertically. This shelf can be used as best as possible to put a large number of your books so they are not scattered everywhere and make your room remain conducive. The use of this bookshelf is considered more effective and efficient because it makes it easier for you when looking for books to read. Floating vertical bookshelf from jekyllandhydemusical.


Or if you have a larger number of CDs and DVDs, then you can use part of the living room wall as a storage shelf that is made lengthwise. Look at this wooden shelf that looks more modern and elegant when it is equipped with spotlights that illuminate this shelf at night. The wider and longer the shelf that is mounted on the wall, the more CDs you can store. Rectangle shape CDs and DVDs rack from jekyllandhydemusical.


You can repaint this mini stand made of wood with a neutral color like white for the idea of storing your CDs and DVDs so they don’t scatter everywhere. Do this storage with each category to make it easier to find when needed. You can put this standing rack behind the sofa or in front of the glass window so it doesn’t interfere with your movement while in this room. Standing mini storage rack from jekyllandhydemusical.

As you can see, there are all kinds of simple ways to enhance your living room. Instead of always buying new furniture, you should explore the possibilities of redecorating. After you start changing up the appearance of your living room, you will be surprised at how much more inviting and welcoming it will be.

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