18 Ways To Utilize String Lights In Your Bedroom

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Sometimes the simplest additions are the best kept secrets. This goes for fashion, for beauty, and for interior design too. One box of string lights can go a really long way when it comes to personalizing your bedroom. And here, weve gathered 18 different ways to utilize them in your bedroom. Take a scroll through the ideas below!

1. Headboard Garland

Romantic shabby chic bedroom

Pair your string lights with some fabric garland. This will punch up the femininity and whimsy without too much fuss. THeres more inspiration like this that can be found with our friends at Homedit.

2. Bed Canopy

String lights in bedroom on canopy

Apartment Therapyshows off how to pair those string lights with your bed canopy. A light fabric and some sparkling white twinkles come together to create a romantic and warm space for you to enjoy. This is especially nice to utilize in a dorm room.

3. Heart-Shaped

Heart shaped string lights wall decor

Of course you can create some wall art out of them as well. We found this heart-shaped piece while perusing with our friends at Decoist. Even the most novice of crafters can make this happen.

4. Wrap-Around

White bedroom with wooden bed royalty free image 691782182 1547780421

Were really digging these larger string lights found at House Beautiful. Use them to wrap around your headboard for a breath of fresh air and some extra lighting while you read at night. Again, even the most novice crafters, DIYers, and designers can make this happen.

5. Photo Hangs

String lights to hold up photos bedroom diy

We really love this idea for dorm rooms or teenage bedrooms. Grab some clothespins to hang some of your favorite memories or Insta snapshots. Check it out at We Heart It.

6. Tapestry

Tapestry string lights in bedroom

Over at Dormifyyoull find some more magical inspiration. Instead of cloth tapestries, think about using your string lights in tapestry form. Hop on over now and see how they made it happen.

7. Bedside Table

Bedside light with string lights

Even your bedside table could get some twinkly lights as their functional makeover. Not only are you adding light to your nightly routine but a bout of personality too. Check out more inspo like this by visiting Homedit.

8. Circling the Mirror

String lights over vanity mirror 2

Lady Scorpio 101has a lot of wonderfully innovative ideas and this is one of them! Have you ever thought about adding some extra whimsy to you vanity area or chest of drawers. Well, you can easily do that too.

9. Ceiling

Teenage boy bedroom lights on ceiling

Talk Decorwent with a ceiling installation for their string lights. We love how it gives this kids bedroom a pop of extra pizzazz and an illusion of being outside. Grab more details on the how-to after the jump.

10. With Flowers

String light and floral garland

Urban Outfittersshowcased a quick peek of how a customer paired their floral garland with string lights and we love it! You can hang this one the wall for textural reasons, wrap it around a headboard, or cover the top of your dresser with it!

11. All Around

String lights lining the bedroom

You can easily outline your bedroom with some string lights as well. It amps up the lighting and the romance without breaking the bank. Take the leap to Home Trendingsfor a closer look.

12. Gallery Wall

String lights with gallery wall

Pinterestalways has the more unique and innovative ideas and were living for this one! If you already have a gallery wall installed, highlight it even more by wrapping some twinkle lights around the design. It really helps to create a focus.

13. Scalloped

Scalloped string lights in the bedroom

Head on over to Talk Decorfor a peek at this scene. We love how the designers decided to scallop the sting lights near the ceiling. It gives the illusion of more height and adds that bout of whimsy we love.

14. Outlines

Outline bedroom furniture in string lights

We found some more outlined pieces at FOURLINE DESIGN. If you take a closer look, youll see how string lights were used to highlight the closer door and the bed. Again, this is just another easy-to-install option to take a peek at.

15. Hello

Diy hello wall art with string light

Similar to the heart we saw above, this idea Dormifycould help make a personalized difference in your bedroom as well. Map out hello or even your name if youre feeling extra creative! It helps with lighting, ambiance, and interest on the walls.

16. Ladder

Diy string lights on a ladder

A Beautiful Messadded some string lights to a ladder in the corner. This idea can easily be adapted to a bookshelf or coat rack that may be nearby. It helps especially if its already a bare piece that needed some fluffing.

17. Slanted

String lights on slanted ceiling

For rooms with a unique shape, highlight it! Make that slanted or dropped ceiling a point of interest by outlining it with the string light you have on hand. We found this fun peek at Pinterest.

18. Intertwined with Standing Mirror

String lights over standing mirrors

And finally, we found this corner at Knot and Nest Designs. Your stand-up mirrors could use an extra punch of light as well. Wrap your mirror in twinkle lights especially if your room doesnt get great lighting!

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