15 DIY Towel Holders to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

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Tired of hanging your towels on the bathroom door? Do not rush to the local store just yet. Use one of these 15 DIY towel holders to spruce up your bathroom. Who knew there were so many ways to design a rope towel holder line

Not only are they practical and functional, but a towel holder can really be a statement piece in your bathroom. Need to organize your space? Don’t miss our posts on towel bar organization hacks!15 DIY Towel Holders to spruce up your bathroom; collage of driftwood, leather strap, and pallet towel holders

Are you tired of having to hang your towels on the bathroom door then carrying them with you to the bedroom after you are done with them? Do you need something to hang your towels on but you are on a budget? Do you like working with your hands around the house and have carpentry skills or at least trying to learn? These DIY Towel Holders will save you a ton of money while giving you a say in the design of your bathroom.

From simple pieces of wood to complex DIY rings and repurposed pieces of furniture, you are bound to find an idea that inspires you to spruce up your bathroom with a practical solution to your towel problem.

DIY Towel Holders to Pretty Up Your Bathroom

1. Driftwood Towel Rack

Your inner beach bum will love this driftwood towel rack. Simply find a suitable piece of driftwood on the beach, mount it in the bathroom where you want your towels to hang from, add coat hangers, and you’re all set.

You will want to check the piece of driftwood for any living organisms and disinfects it by boiling to get rid of any funky smells that may come down the line as the fungus on the wood rotsdriftwood towel holder

2. Rope Towel Holders

Rope Line Using Bathroom Hooks

Hang some rope on hooks across a length of your wall, run a rope through these hooks and you have created a line on which you can hang your towels. I like the idea as it can accommodate as many towels as I like. Love the nautical vibe with this one.Rope line towel holder

Rope Line Using Wall Clips

The rope towel holder seems to be pretty popular, actually. Here’s another variation. Instead of hooks, use some wall clips to hold up the length of the rope. These are readily available in the hardware section of your local store. If you are using nylon rope, remember to burn the ends to avoid fraying.Use clips to make a rope towel rack

Rope Towel Bar

Use small bars to make a towel holder. Just like the hooks and clips, you will need at least two bars which you will mount on the wall, and run a rope between them.

And here’s yet another rope towel bar. We love the wide hardware on this one, especially how the rope is knotted around it.Rope towel bar

3. Use Empty Photo Frames To Hang Towels

Create a gallery of empty frames to hang your towels from. What an interesting touch! Use some frames as spacers between the frame you will hang your towels on and the wall. You want the largest frame which can accommodate your towels to have some space behind it where the towels will hang.Use old photo frames as a towel holder

4. Backrest Of a Chair

This clever DIYer created a towel bar from the back of a chair. Free projects are always the best, aren’t they? He mounted the backrest of the chair onto the wall making sure there was adequate space between it and the wall to hang towels from. This made a nice hanging rack from which he could hang three levels of towels

back rest of chair will make a good towel rack

5. Rings as DIY Towel Holders

Make stylish towel rings using metal rings and painted wooden beads. The cool thing about this one is that there are so many unique ring designs, shapes, sizes, colors to choose from that you cannot get it wrong. The beads do not have to be wooden, whatever kind of beads you can find that will add a touch of color to your towel ring are perfect.

A piece of leather is added for hanging on a nail. Easy! The rings act like rollers and your towel will never get stuck when you tug at it.

Towel rings wrapped in beads

6. Towel Bar

A piece of wood for a towel bar will give your bathroom the rugged look of a house whose owner likes to work with their hands. If you do not like the natural color of the wood, you can always paint it to fit your decor.

This pin is super popular, and we can see why. The rustic towel bar is easy to create, and it looks great with country, rustic or nautical decor.Wood towel bar

7. Coat Hooks On A Pallet Board

I had a pallet board left over from a delivery that I wasn’t using. It seemed wasteful to discard the timber and I needed a towel holder for my bathroom. So I framed an adequately sized piece of the board and mounted it in the bathroom. The timber is easier to mount towel hooks on than the empty wall.

Framed pallet boards and coat hooks are used to create this gorgeous towel holder. Take a look at the rest of this bathroom, too. It’s so light and airy!

For those of you who are more into the rugged look, ignore the frame and mount the piece of the pallet on its own.Framed pallet boards as towel holders

8. DIY Towel Shelves

Bring out your inner carpenter with this idea for towel shelves. Use your creative brain to customize the shelves to your unique situation with your towels. You can have shelves for clean towels and hooks below them for towels that are in use. MDF boards will make the easiest of these shelves, but if you are a more conservative individual, you can use good old-fashioned timber.

This super cute DIY towel holder only costs $10 to make. Love that it has a space for extra towels above the towel hook.DIY Towel rack

9. DIY Towel Holder Leather Hoop

Do you have an old leather belt laying around? Cut a piece of the belt and insert dowels to make a hoop. The dowels will help you attach the new towel ring to the wall. You can use one hoop as a towel ring or you can install two and make a towel bar by running a pole or rope between them.

These towel bars were created with dowels placed in leather hoops. Simple and elegant.Leather straps to maker a towel bar

10. Customized Ring To Hang Towels

If you can find a big enough ring at the local store, wrap a piece of leather around it for mounting on the wall and hang your towels from this new towel ring. The execution is simple and elegant leaving your wall with minimum disturbance.

This simple towel ring from a hardware store is dressed up with a coat of paint and a leather strap at the top. It’s the perfect hand towel holder.Towel ring

11. Frame Your Towel Ring

Maybe you did not like mounting your towel ring directly on the wall using a leather strap, how about using a photo frame instead?

And if you like towel rings, you can also fancy yours up by adding a pretty frame behind it.Framed towel ring

12. Repurposed Ladder

This other internet user had an old ladder. He repaired some of the rungs that had come off, found a good four rungs, and sawed them off. He then sanded and repainted this new towel rack which he hanged above his wash hand sink. Neat!

13. Hooks On Vintage Window Frames

I found a small vintage window frame in the attic and thought that it would make a nice little towel holder, I was right. I mounted that frame to my bathroom wall, used the lower frame as a towel bar and, added a few hooks to hang wet towels from.

Vintage window frames make excellent towel holders, as you see here. She only added hooks and a gorgeous little wreath.Vintage window frame towel holder

14. Headboard as a Towel Holder

I found this guy online who after buying an ew bed repurposed the headboard of the old bed into a towel holder. The thing was rather bulk and so rather than mount it on the wall, he made stands for it and stood it in his bathroom against the wall.

15. DIY Wood Towel Holder Bar

I got an old piece of wood, sanded it using an equal part mixture of Minwax Dark Walnut Stain and Rustoleum Weathered Gray. I love this mix of stains, it is a great color, so, I applied one coat to the wood and then let it dry overnight. Once dry, I sanded the edges again, using a sanding block, to give it a distressed look. I gave the wood one coat of gloss poly to seal it and protect it from scratches and little hands hanging their towels up.

A few towel hooks later, the towel bar was ready.

This simple wood towel bar is made with two tongue-in-groove boards. Add stain and hook… that’s it!wooden towel bar


Towel holders; collage of vintage window, beaded rings, rope bar

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