107 Women Who Tackle Their Everyday Pregnancy Struggles With Humor

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To us outsiders, being pregnant seems like such a beautiful experience. Months of researching baby names, learning about the human body during doctor's appointments, and bringing a new life into this world. Honestly, it sounds so magical.

But the everyday life of pregnancy is so much more than that. And way less glamorous than the movies want us to believe. Stylish maternity clothes are really expensive and hard to find, and that "glow" that everyone keeps mentioning is more sweat than sprinkles.

To paint you a more accurate picture of what it's really like to grow a human being in your belly, Bored Panda has compiled a list of honest posts that mothers and their loved ones made about them expecting.

#1 Unsolicited Advice

Image credits: Diamond_Jax

#2 Feelin’ Like A Whole Chicken

Image credits: Madiford2

#3 Oops

Image credits: BrydieLK

#4 The Next Person That Asks Me How My Pregnancy Is Going Will Just Be Shown This Picture

Image credits: pikabu06

#5 My Wife Is 39 Weeks Pregnant And Really Wants To See Deadpool 2

Image credits: SolidAsSnake

#6 Pregnancy Is Weird

Image credits: bethanyann_2

#7 Pregnant In A Heat Wave

Image credits: mrswhitneyanne

#8 My 39-Week Pregnant Wife Went To The Store To “Get Stuff For Dinner”. This Is What She Came Home With

Image credits: w3rewulf

#9 My Pregnant Wife Had To Dress Up As A Superhero For Work Today

Image credits: parkerob

#10 Nailed It

Image credits: jesssiker

#11 Pregnancy Struggles

Image credits: SufficientCharm

#12 Looking All Over The House For A Good While... And Freaking Out Since Already Running Late, Finally Found My Damn Keys

Common side effect of parenting while pregnant.

Image credits: arbonne_with_pam

#13 My Wife Is Pregnant And She Thought It Would Be Funny To Take A Picture Of Our Dog's Feet Looking Like They Are Her's

Image credits: Preventiongeek

#14 Pregnancy Swelling

Image credits: JessicaSimpson

#15 A Gift My Husband Made For Me To Use When Strangers/Family Get Too Grabby Towards My Belly Without Asking First

Image credits: LadySilvie

#16 My Pregnant Wife Wanted Pancakes In The Middle Of The Night. I Delivered

Image credits: XY1337

#17 Pregnancy Struggles

Image credits: AndreaKBrooks

#18 My Pregnant Wife Has Been Practicing Her Swaddling Technique On The Dog

Image credits: ohaivoltage

#19 My Pregnant Wife Is Practicing Her Swaddling. Skittles Isn't A Fan

Image credits: turnbased

#20 My Friend's Wife Is Pregnant. She Got Cravings For Sweet And Spicy

Image credits: Addicted2Groove

#21 Before And After

Image credits: healthiermoms

#22 Pregnant Wife Ordered Cheese Fries, This Isn’t Going To End Well

Image credits: Nocab_

#23 Pregnant Problems

Image credits: Yo_Yoder13

#24 Pregnancy Problems

Image credits: yaamotha

#25 I Heard “You’re So Big!” And “You’re So Small!” Literally Within The Same Day In Pregnancy And I Was Like Wut

What is it about our baby bumps that makes people think they can give us their UNSOLICITED comments and suggestions?⁠ Here's a tip: Just wish us and our baby good health and safe delivery. ⁠ ⁠ What's the worst unsolicited comment you've heard about your pregnancy?⁠

Image credits: you_lingerie

#26 Let's Say I "Hypothetically" Forgot To Take A Pyrex Lid Out Of The Oven Before I Preheat It And It "Hypothetically" Melted

What would be the best way to get the plastic off the hypothetical oven rack? Or would one need to just throw the whole damn oven out? Asking for a friend.

Image credits: amy_kl_scheerer

#27 Preggo Brain At Its Finest. Opened My Front Door This Morning To Find These In It

Image credits: _trishee_

#28 Things Pregnant Women Text Their Husbands. I Will Probably Just End Up Having Tea

Image credits: rachelsbusy

#29 I Have To Stuff My Nose With Cotton While The Asiago Bagels Bake And Cool Because The Smell Of So Many Asiagos Just About Kills This Preggo Mama

Last time I threw up and this time I could feel myself getting sick again so I did the only thing I could thing of to save myself. It worked!!! I may have to put baking Asiago bagels on hold from here on out until after I've had Solomon. Ironically I've never had such trouble with nausea and smell sensitivity as I'm having now with my first boy. Everyone has always said theirs was worse with girls! Go figure mine is worse with a boy! And I thought I'd get some relief.

Image credits: crystaliodawn

#30 I Sent This Series Of Texts To My Hubby Just Now

Image credits: rosemarylynn

#31 Pregnancy Is Beautiful They Said. You'll Glow They Said

Image credits: devilsbitchandaliar

#32 Pregnancy Probs

Image credits: saltymermaident

#33 My Husband And I Took Our 5 Year Old To The Amusement Park For The First Time Today. I'm 9 Months Pregnant, This Was My Favorite Ride

Image credits: feloniousskunk

#34 My Wife Sneaking Up On Me

Image credits: ShivayVeerSharma

#35 8 Months Pregnant And Came Out Of The Bank To Find This... (I’m The Blue Car)

Image credits: skybluepink15

#36 I Texted My 36 Week Pregnant Wife To Ask How She Was Feeling, This Was The Photo I Got In Response

Image credits: s4ltydog

#37 Pregnancy Brain Is So Real. My Daughters Daycare Lady Sent Me This. I’m So Embarrassed

Image credits: Stacieinhorrorland

#38 Cracking Up At The Hilarious (& Oh So Relatable) Difference Of My Undies From March vs. Today At 37 Weeks

Image credits: mrsroyalmountain

#39 My Husband Found Me Hiding In The Bathroom, Pants Down, Shoveling Cookie Dough Ice Cream In My Mouth And Hiding From Our Kids. This Is Pregnancy (29weeks)

Image credits: imgur.com

#40 Third Trimester Probz

Image credits: mumma.son.love

#41 Yummy

Image credits: RougeLikeGirl

#42 Just A Pregnant Lady Making Smores At 10pm

Image credits: mrsjlrussell

#43 Pregnancy Brain

Image credits: JeremyMcLellan

#44 One Of My Pregnancy Cravings Got The Better Of Me Yesterday. Also Before You Ask, Yes I Went Into A Movie Theater For This, And Only This

Image credits: manahikari

#45 How Many Breakfasts Have You Had Today? This Is My Third

Image credits: peachy_dahlia_

#46 The Struggle Is Real

Image credits: KristenBell

#47 Pregnancy Hormones

Image credits: AnecdtlBrthCtrl

#48 Pregnancy Struggles

Image credits: serenawilliams

#49 Who Forgot Their Shoes After Their Appointment?

Image credits: ogdennursemidwives

#50 Technically This Conversation With My Husband Happened Yesterday, But I Swear It Feels Like I Have A Similar One With Him Everyday

Image credits: nydialjimenez

#51 My Pregnant Wife Asked Me To Get Her Runts, But She Didn't Quite Want All Of Them

She DIDN'T want the banana ones.

Image credits: gwackr

#52 We've Officially Entered The Last Trimester And I'm Getting To Big To Do Things Like Shave My Legs Without Having To Take A Nap Afterwards

Image credits: newmumsnetwork

#53 Night Out At The Duke. Sober Driver

Image credits: nattee84

#54 Had Any Weird Pregnancy Cravings? Nah.. Unless You Think Jalapeno Cheetos Dipped In Peach Milkshake Is Weird

Image credits: Laken Hughes

#55 That Moment You Realize You're So Tired You Put Your Pants On Backwards

Image credits: mrs.jensen11.6.14

#56 H2o = Really Important Ingredient. Our House Is Full Of Smoke! Sadie Has My Back Though - She Said, It's Okay Mommy, Just Stop, Drop & Roll

Image credits: triscarlton

#57 Im Not Saying That She Has Pregnancy Brain... I Mean It’s Also Possible That She Made Chocolate Waffles. Either Way It Smells Like A Delicious Campfire In Our Kitchen

Image credits: mrjeriel

#58 Pregnancy Cankles. Frantically Drinking Water, But They're Still Swollen. In The Bed To Let Them Chill While Patrick Gets Honey-Do Requests To Finally Start Hanging Photos In The Bedroom

He's a good husband. :) (She says as listening to him complain about literally every frame he's put up and his problems with their hanging back options. lol).

Image credits: lisanixonmabry

#59 Pregnant Women Problems

Image credits: m_scandy

#60 You Know You Have Pregnancy Brain When You Pull The Butter Back Out And Find This! Lol I Don't Even Know How I Am Able To Live Day To Day Anymore

Image credits: heather_tuckera

#61 Pickle Juice Popsicles

Image credits: OzakiAmanda

#62 Pregnancy Problems

Image credits: mamerwin

#63 When You Put Laundry Detergent In The Fridge

Image credits: alwayschasingmychase

#64 My Pregnant Wife Sent Me To The Store At 9:30 Pm Last Night To Get These Items

Image credits: Warlizard

#65 I Thought Pregnancy Brain Was Fake. It’s Not. To Make Scrambled Eggs This Morning, I Cracked One Egg In A Bowl And The Other On A Plate

Image credits: chels_woody

#66 Too Hot To Wear Pants And Dresses Are Mostly All That Fits Me So I Had To Figure Out A Way To Shave My Legs While Not Being Able To Bend Over

Image credits: bambi_a

#67 When My Friend Messages Me To Ask How Pregnant Life Is Going

Image credits: PLAY ALL The Real Bros of Simi Valley

#68 Help Your Wife Out

Image credits: __moniiloveee

#69 My Pregnant Wife Woke Me Up At 3 Am To Run To The Store To Buy These After Seeing Them Online

Image credits: thenewyorkgod

#70 Pregnant Wife Problems

Image credits: woozi_11six

#71 Shaving Blind At 9 Months Pregnant

Image credits: Jumpyginger

#72 Either A Bear Or My Pregnant Wife Got Into My Protein Bars

Image credits: Barfuzio

#73 Pregnancy Is Beautiful

Image credits: zooooort

#74 First Trimester Food Aversions Got Me Texting My Husband Like This Every Day

Image credits: GlitterPotato46

#75 Pregnancy Problems

Image credits: AnecdtlBrthCtrl

#76 My Wife Is Pregnant And These Type Of Texts Are Not Uncommon

Image credits: ssergei

#77 Preggo Brain Strikes Again. This Is What Happens When You Forget To Put Eggs In Your Waffle Batter Oopsy. I Swear These Days My Brain Is Mush

Image credits: tsa_hard

#78 The Rings Are Off

Image credits: doitforthe

#79 Baby Is The Size Of A Cantaloupe, And Mom Is Feeling Personally Victimized By Her Fitness Tracker

Image credits: jewelsy_88

#80 The Perils Of Baking With A Pregnant Belly

Image credits: IDriveAMinivan

#81 35 Weeks Pregnant Today, And I've Had To Give Up And Take My Wedding Ring Off Because Of Swelling And It Hurts To Move My Fingers. Joys Of A Summer Baby

Image credits: steffy_kay_mitch

#82 No, I Am Not Enjoying Contractions. Also, I Had A Baby This Morning

Image credits: usernameisoverrated8

#83 So. Delicious. This May Be My Supper As Well

Image credits: moleysteele

#84 Oops, Popped A Button

Image credits: mrs.burnie.b

#85 Well There’s That

Image credits: centralperk.95

#86 I Have Never Been Sooo Mad. This Person Parked So Close To Me I Had To Climb Across My Passenger Seat. So I Left Them A Nice Little Note

Image credits: candice.makaya

#87 Pregnancy Brain Fail!! I Turned On The Slow Cooker With The Roast In It For Supper Tonight. But I Forgot To Plug It In

Good thing I caught it now and not later.

Image credits: jumpingjoyfuljoslyn

#88 Just A Scene From A Pregnant Ladies Horror Movie

Image credits: micropreemie_momster

#89 Journaling While Pregnant: A Study In Creative Brevity

Image credits: laurenbkasper

#90 Do They Have Pringles Anonymous Meetings? Asking For Me

Image credits: omgitsmandimarie

#91 “Honey I Left Your Dinner In The Microwave” And They Say Pregnancy Brain Isn’t A Thing

Image credits: MdrnUs3r20

#92 My Pregnant Wife Went To Buy Some Milk And Baby Formula

Image credits: MacroDacro

#93 "Let's Watch Football And Eat Nachos Together All Day!" Not

Image credits: drumsnstrums

#94 The Natural Progression Of Life, As Seen In The Bathroom Cabinet Layers

Image credits: imgur.com

#95 When You’re Pregnant And Craving Sushi

Image credits: kadduschiku

#96 Tried To Crochet My Daughter A Fish. My Pregnant Brain Thought It Was Nice

Image credits: Iwant2talkplease

#97 Eating For Two

Image credits: lizbethselman

#98 What Happens When You Have A Pregnant Wife At Home, And You Leave Your Phone In Your Car For An Hour

Image credits: GiantsRTheBest2

#99 Food Aversions Have Been Real Lately! I Was Feeling Like Some Chicken Tendies With Every Dipping Sauce. Husby Delivered

Image credits: jlmcdon2

#100 I'm Still New At This Pregnant Lady Stuff... Turns Out You Can't Leave Your Prenatal Gummies In Your Car

Image credits: keepingupwiththecroxtons

#101 Apple Cinnamon Cake Fail... This Is The Result Of 12x's The Amount Of Baking Powder And Baking Soda!! In All Fairness, It Didn't Taste Half Bad!! It Literally Popped & Deflated

Image credits: melissafe.vii

#102 What's A Pregnant Girl To Do?

Image credits: tiana_edwardss

#103 31 Week Nursery! We Hired A Design Professional But It Was So Worth It

Image credits: MonsterDearLeave

#104 A New Pregnancy Low? Or High?

Image credits: ShlugLove

#105 These Are My Keys. I Unlocked My Door With My Arms Full With The Intent Of Coming Back To Get My Keys Out Of The Door Once I Put My Stuff Down

Well 3 hours later after our March is Reading Month kickoff assembly I noticed my keys sticking out of the doorknob! Whoops!

I’m ready for spring break but maybe I can blame pregnancy brain.

Image credits: racingthruelementary

#106 31 Weeks With This Big Baby Of Mine

Image credits: wyld.magick

#107 I Got This Coat Because I'm Growing Out Of My Normal Jacket. I've Been Wearing It Too Long For These Tags To Still Be On It

Image credits: missmelodypinup

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