$10 off UNIQLO Extra Fine Merino, 50% off Old Navy Activewear, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the better sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


Old Navy: 50% off Activewear (ends 12/9)

Old Navy Activewear

Half off is as good as it gets for Old Navy. That’s what they did on Black Friday. Limited to activewear and ends today, but still… I mean, Lululemon got a mention in Most Wanted yesterday. So this should balance that out. Hopefully. Speaking of Lululemon, are these “Hybrid” pants Old Navy’s attempt to make a cheap version of the famous Lululemon ABC Warpstreme pants? Could be. No personal experience, but the online reviews are promising.


UNIQLO: Extra Fine Merino V-Necks or Crew-Necks – $29.90 ($39.90)

Uniqlo extra fine merino v-neck sweater

Uniqlo’s super thin but still super strong Extra Fine Merino Wool might be one of their most loved items. (Their Ultra Light Down jackets or Airism Underwear might have them beat?) Again, they’re thin. They’re supposed to be. That makes for super easy layering, but you still get the temperature regulating qualities of merino. Both V-Necks and Crew Necks are getting the ten bucks off.


J. Crew: Extra 50% – 60% off Final Sale Items w/ CHEER 

J. Crew menswear

And they continue to add items (not many, but some) to their sale section. All final sale though. They must have ordered in a zillion of those 100% Cashmere scarves to be kicking them out at $35… and we haven’t even technically hit winter yet on the calendar.


Spier & Mackay: Core Line Suits have been Restocked – $358

Spier & Mackay Core Line Suits

In case you missed it over here. SOME of these got restocked last month, but the mid gray, mid blue, and postal blue all seem to be even newer additions. Half canvas, made from nice year-round wool, lined in Bemberg, easy to tailor non-functioning sleeve cuff buttons, and available in two fits (slim or a more athletic leaning contemporary). If it’s your first suit, sportcoat, or shoe purchase, it’ll ship and return for free. After that you’re on the hook for a $15 return label.


For Her: Nordstrom Rack: Bony Levy Diamond Studs Extra 25% off

Ah yes. That mid-December, Christmas is coming panic when many a man turns to sparkly compressed carbon as a way to stop sweating under the pressure of Old St Nick’s annual chimney descent. Listen, buying fine jewelry online can seem like a crapshoot, but this is Nordstrom… Or more accurately, Nordstrom Rack, who takes the stuff that didn’t sell for whatever reason at Nordstrom, and then heavily discounts it. WHY they’ve got these simple diamond studs half off and then an extra 25% off, I have no idea. But if you’ve got a she on your list who likes sparkly stuff and doesn’t have a pair of simple studs, then this could be the way to go.

Unless she might be expecting a ring. Then do NOT give her something in a ring sized box… that isn’t a ring.

Also remember that these are TOTAL weight. So, if it’s .5 CTW, that’s split between the two studs. They’ll be smaller than you’d think. But that’s diamonds for you.

Ships for free. Returns will cost you $5.95.


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