Tribal Themed Classroom Decor Ideas

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I'm not sure if 'Tribal Theme' is the politically correct title here so if there's a better one to be used please let me know. Generally, the feeling behind a Tribal Themed Classroom is one of aiming high, moving forward, targeting goals, etc. You can use any color theme but the main visual that you must see is arrows. A few paper fans are great too. Here are some examples below.

Arrows everywhere! Arrow fonts on arrow cut-outs, and even the border is made of arrows. I love these positive words used: focus, discover, believe, explore, learn, achieve, create, and grow.

Adventures await bulletin board. I love the fans.

 The tribal decor traditional area rug is not too busy and really beautiful. I also like this tribal medallion area rug for the classroom.

Below are items from my TpT Tribal collection.


More ideas will be added soon.

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