Printable Christmas Emotions Spinners

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These printable Christmas emotions spinners offer a fun way to talk with young children about the emotions they feel during the holiday season.

Christmas Emotions Spinners

Printable Christmas Emotions Spinners

Featuring fun and familiar Christmas characters – Santa Claus and Miss Gingerbread – each spinner includes graphics depicting four different emotions, everything from joy to sadness, fear to tiredness. They are a wonderful introductory activity for talking about commonly experienced emotions and make a great holiday addition to your social emotional learning toolkit.

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Directions for Making Your Christmas Emotions Spinners

You will need:

– 4 printable spinner templates printed onto cardstock (see download and printing instructions below)
– Small, sharp scissors
– 2 paper fasteners/ brads


1. Cut out all four spinner wheels.

Christmas Emotions Spinners
2. Punch holes through the middle of each wheel using the pointy end of the scissors. Children will need help with this step.

Christmas Emotions Spinners
3. Push the paper fastener through the holes, first through the top layer of the spinner (showing the shape of each character’s head), and then through the second layer (showing the face and emotions).

Holiday Emotions Spinners
4. Spread the paper fastener to secure it at the back of the wheel.

5. Turn the wheel several times to make sure it spins smoothly.

Christmas Emotions Spinners Printable

6. Talk about the different emotions displayed on both the Santa Claus and Miss Gingerbread spinners.

Download Instructions: Christmas Emotions Spinners

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