2 Free Reindeer Printables for Kids

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 Happy December!

Here are 2 Free Reindeer printables to use with your young students. The first is a literacy worksheet and the second is a science & literacy worksheet. 

The first is a Reindeer Word Search Puzzle and the second is a Reindeer Diagram Worksheet. 

The Reindeer Word Search contains the names of Santa's 9 reindeer! Included are: 

  • Blitzen
  • Comet
  • Cupid
  • Dancer
  • Dasher
  • Donder
  • Prancer
  • Rudolph
  • Vixon  

The words are listed horizontal and vertical on the worksheet. 

Students can have fun finding the 9 reindeer names and then coloring the worksheet. When using this worksheet, I always emphazize the fact that all proper names start with a capital letter.

Reindeer Word Search Puzzle

On the Reindeer Diagram Worksheet, students need to label:

  • the long legs
  • the thick fur
  • the large antlers
  • the wide hooves 

This science and literacy worksheet emphasizes adjectives (long, wide, thick, large) and nouns (legs, fur, hooves, antlers).  

(This free worksheet is part of my Caribou/Reindeer Resource on TPT.)

If you would like an Extension Activity for this worksheet, have the students turn the paper over. 

When students have finished the front of the worksheet they can make 2 columns on the back of the paper. They can list the adjectives in column 1 and the nouns in column 2.

Reindeer Diagram

Both of these Free worksheets can be downloaded on my Website. 

Link to website: Learning Workroom       

Reindeer Word Search Puzzle

If you want or need more material for your students on reindeer/ caribou, I recommend my Caribou/Reindeer Literacy, Science, and Crafts Resource at TPT. It has over 100 fun and interesting pages.

Reindeer Science, Literacy. And Crafts

Have fun with the kids learning about reindeer!

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