Ladybug Mobile

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Add some twirling ladybugs to your learning space with our free printable craft. As these fun little ladybugs dance and twist in the air, imaginations will be carried away!

Just print the templates from Google Drive: Twirling Ladybug Mobile Templates

How to make a ladybug mobile

Equipment required:
  • ladybugs - choose color or blackline
  • scissors
  • glue
  • string
  • tape
  • colored pencils (if using the blackline version)

Steps to make a ladybug mobile

  • choose how many bugs you want on a single string and print enough ladybugs
  • you will need one printed page per ladybug

  • color the ladybugs (if using blackline version)

  • cut the circles out - 3 make one twirling ladybug 

  • fold each circle bug in half 

  • cut a length of string (determined by how long you want them hanging from the ceiling)
  • tape a string in the center of one circle bug along the fold line 

  • put glue along one half of the bug with string 

  • place half of a 2nd bug on this glued section  

  • glue over the 2 halves that are now exposed (one will be from the 1st bug, the other from the 2nd bug) 

  • place the 3rd bug over these 2 glued halves and press down to secure 

  • lift up from the string and give shape to the bug 

  • if you would like more than one bug on each mobile, simply use a long piece of string and repeat the over procedure further down along the string

We hope these cute ladybugs brighten your learning space and bring joy to your day!

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