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This new 30-page German Worksheet Packet – Berufe – will help kids to learn the German vocabulary of over 50 occupations and professions!

German Worksheets for Kids - Berufe - Occuapations and Jobs worksheets

Berufe – Occupations and Professions Packet: These printable worksheets include matching (both German words to pictures and German to English) and fill-in-the-blank pages, sentence-writing pages, as well as bingo games and a board game for review!

German Worksheets - Berufe -- Occupations Professions PrintablesSome of the jobs this packet covers include:

Polizist, Feuerwehrmann, Bauer, Bäcker, Arzt, Kellner, Klempner, Matrose, Geschäftsmann, Tierarzt, Astronaut,  Künstler, Apotheker, Taucher, Metzger, Zauberer, Gärtner and many others.

Berufe - German Worksheets for KidsMy kids started learning German in elementary school; it is their foreign language as we homeschool. I’ve found that bingo and other games have really helped them review and keep new vocabulary fresh! This set has 8 bingo cards. 🙂  

This new Berufe German Packet was added to German BUNDLE 3

German Bundle 3

The packets in the German Bundle 3 set currently includes:

  • Tiere (Animals)
  • der Ozean – Unterwasserleben (The Ocean – Marine Life)
  • Körperteile (Body Parts)
  • Berufe (Jobs) – This packet covers about 50 occupations. It includes matching and fill-in-the-blank worksheets plus bingo cards and a board game. There are also sentence-writing pages

German Bundle 3 currently includes 4 pdfs:

German Body Parts Worksheets die KörperteileGerman Worksheets - die Körperteile Body Parts - Organe Knochen

German Worksheets for Kids - Tiere Animals Tiere im Wald Forest Animalsder Ozean - Unterwasserleben German Worksheets for Kids - the ocean beach marine life

Plus the Berufe Packet described above!

Berufe - German Worksheets for KidsBerufe: This packet is 30+ pages and includes matching (both German words to pictures and German to English), fill-in-the-blank pages (where students can write their own sentences and more.

German Worksheets - Berufe -- Occupations Professions Printables(Right click to enlarge the picture!)German Worksheets for Kids - Berufe - Occuapations and Jobs worksheets

German Bundle 3: currently $6.99 $4.50

German Bundle 3 – Körperteile, Tiere, Unterwasserleben, Berufe (others coming soon)

German Worksheet Bundle 3 currently includes 4 pdfs.

Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

German Bundle 3

Coming Soon to German Bundle 3:

  • In der Stadt (Directions, Transportation, Buildings)
  • Werkzeuge – Tools

German Worksheets for Kids - In der Stadt - in the cityStadt Reise Beruf - Worksheets

German Worksheets for Kids - Werkzeuge - Tools

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German WorksheetsGerman BUNDLE 1:

  • German Conversation Packet – die Familie (2 pdf files)
  • German Conversation Packet – das Wetter die Jahreszeiten die Monaten
  • Weather & Seasons Conversation Starters (Bonus Packet!)
  • Weihnachten und Farben
  • German Weather Packet –WinterwörterKrankheitenSchmerzen
  • German Conversation Packet – Kleidung – Clothing (black & white)
  • die Kleidung (in color) – 25 pages
  • German Vocabulary Builder – Valentinstag
  • German Worksheets – Easter Spring Words – Ostern und Frühling
  • die deutschen Zahlen, die Farben

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German Worksheets for Kids

German BUNDLE 2:

  • Lebensmittel – includes 2 word sets – tracing, matching and fill-in-the-blank pages plus a bingo game and Brettspiel.
  • Daily Routine, Chores, Free-time Activities das Haus Wortschatz
  • das Haus – a 50-page packet with pages on the rooms of the house as well as objects around the house.
  • Auf dem Land
  • der Bauernhof
  • Sommerwörter – Worksheets and Activities
  • Adjective Opposites


German Store

That’s about it for today! If you have any questions, feel free to email me! ~Liesl

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