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Insects & Arachnids OH MY!

I bet you didn’t know this but bugs are a type of insect. Another fun fact, spiders are not insects, they are arachnids, which do not fall under the insect category.

On the blog you will find I’m sharing a ton of themed activities to help your kids learn with hands on fun. You can use just about every activity for Pre K and up! I’ll explain how to make each activity more challenging or less, based on your child, their age and their needs.

Books I Suggest

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Printable Creepy Crawly Words

This lesson works on literacy skills such as letter recognition, letter sounds, introducing new vocabulary & reading. I’m sharing multiple ways to use these printable letters & words.

Click here to access this activity.

Printable Life Cycle Coloring Pages

Need some time to get some work done yourself? These are perfect for that! Go over the life cycle with your child & then let them color away.

Click here to access some fun Life Cycle Coloring Pages for different bugs & arachnids.

Outside Life Cycle Activity

Click here to check out this activity

Letter & Word Sand Writing

Click here to check out these activities.

More to come this week for this theme, stay tuned!

XO Eryka

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