We’ve Got Book Mail (Build Excitement for Books)

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Are you looking for ways to create enthusiasm for books and listening to read-alouds?  I’ve got a super-easy idea that will generate interest in your next read-aloud each day.  It’s called book mail and it’s one of my ninja tips for getting kids excited about the book I’m about to share with them.

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Book Mail

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How it Works

Each day a special delivery arrives to your classroom via a special mail person or from a mailbox hanging outside your door.  Inside a specially prepared envelope will hold your day’s read-aloud.

book mail

The envelope has a special stamp that gives a clue to the story that is inside.  Sometimes, there will be clues to reveal to the students inside the envelope too before you unveil the book.

envelope, book, and artifacts from a book

Students will love to guess the type of book that is inside based on the clues.  Then, you reveal the book and the children will be super eager to hear the story.

How to Create Your Own Book Special Delivery Package

It’s super easy to create your book mail vessel.  It’s the package that will hold your read-aloud each day.

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Materials Needed

  • a large plastic mailer (white works just fine but you may want to get a few colors too for variety)
  • printable download of stamps (see free printable below)
  • permanent marker
  • masking tape
  • mailbox (optional)


  1. Address the envelope to your class and choose a return address.
  2. Download, print, cut, and laminate stamps (free printable below)
  3. Store your stamps in a small bag.
  4. Attach your mailbox near the door of your classroom.

You are ready to start your book mail project.

Before the students arrive, select your read-aloud for the day.  There are lots of suggestions below.  Then, decide which stamp best fits your book choice and attach it to the envelope with tape.   You may choose to add a few clues to the package too. Do not seal the package. That way you can reuse the envelope each day.

For example, if you are reading Corduroy for the day, choose the bear stamp.  You might place a button in the envelope as a clue also before you reveal the book inside.

Place the book mail in your mailbox or specially designated place.  Right before it is time to read, allow one of the students to receive the mail.  I like to make this a class job.  Occasionally, you might have a special person (parent, principal, former student, etc.) deliver the package to your classroom instead.

Bring the package to your gathering area and discuss the stamp and any clues inside.  Then, reveal the book and enjoy the read-aloud.

Get the Book Mail Stamp Printable

images of icons on stamps

Grab the printable stamps for your envelopes.  It’s a thank you gift when you become a free VIP member of the Growing Book by Book community.  Plus, you’ll never miss our new posts.

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Selecting the Best Read-Alouds to Put in Your Book Mail

Now that your special delivery envelope is ready, it’s time to put it to use. Selecting the just right read-aloud to put in that envelope is key especially when you are reading to a group of students.

The books have to pass my BREAD test.  They have to have bold pictures so everyone can see.  They have to take the perfect amount of time for your audience’s attention, etc.

Here are some book lists that pass the BREAD test.

Circle Time Books

Rhyming Books

Stories to Get Kids Moving and Grooving

Interactive Books for Preschoolers and Up

Interactive Books for Toddlers

I can’t wait to hear how your special delivery book mail project goes.  Share your pictures on Instagram and tag me @growingbookbybook .  I’m so excited for you!

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