Planning Nature Study for the Year

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There are many ways to go about planning a more formal schedule for nature study. Typically, families plan their nature study either by the month or by the school term (usually 4 terms per year). Either way is easy to do using the nature study planning pages available in the Member’s Library here on the Handbook of Nature Study.

Planning Monthly Nature Study for Your Family @handbookofnaturestudyYou can read how to use these printable planning pages by reading the entry in the archives:

Planning Nature Study for the Year.

Nature Planner Graphic Button 2020 2021

Members also have access to the nature planner pages that I have created especially to go along with the 2020-2021 Outdoor Hour Challenges. These pages will give you a variety of things to use in your nature study plans.

Highlighted on the nature planner pages are simple nature study ideas that you can include in your weekly outdoor time. These ideas include nature table ideas, seasonal ideas, suggestions for member’s library printables that complement the Outdoor Hour challenge topics, nature photo ideas, field trip ideas, and alternate study suggestions.

Nature Planner Page Sample 2020

Download Sample: September Planner Page

I invite you to use the resources available in the Ultimate Naturalist Library to plan an outstanding nature study year.

Join Us Ultimate Naturalist June 2020

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