Minion Toilet Paper Toll Craft (Despicable Me)

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Minions from Despicable Me have to be one of the most strange yet lovable characters of all time. They speak a variety of languages, including French, English, Spanish, and Italian, and their own made-up language. Their hysterical laughs are hilarious. And they do the craziest things!

Today, as part of our Disney themed week, we are making minions out of toilet paper rolls! This craft is a great way to reuse cardboard tubes that you would normally throw in the trash. 

Toilet Paper Roll Minion Craft

My kids thought the toilet paper roll minions are adorable and love seeing them around the house. These are also perfect as decorations for a Despicable Me theme birthday party for your little minion lover. 

How to Make Minions from Cardboard Tubes



  1. Print out the free printable minion toilet paper roll craft template.
  2. Cut out the pieces from the template.
  3. Trace them onto construction paper with the appropriate color.
  4. Cut out all the pieces from the construction papers.
    Toilet Paper Roll Minion Craft Pieces
  5. Using the black marker, draw the minion symbol (G for Gru) and buttons on the blue overall.
  6. Draw the pupils inside the white circles with the black marker.
    Toilet Paper Roll Minion Craft Gru Symbol
  7. Cut the yellow construction paper so it covers the entire toilet paper roll.
  8. Wrap the yellow construction paper around the toilet paper roll and secure it with the glue stick.
  9. Stick on the different pieces of clothing and body parts on the toilet paper roll with glue.
    Toilet Paper Roll Minion Craft Overall and Goggle
  10. Draw the minion’s mouth and hair.
Toilet Paper Roll Minion

Yay for adorable toilet paper roll minions! They just make you smile when you see them around the house. You can make the 3 of the most familiar minions, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob, all with different facial expressions and hairdo.  

If you have more toilet paper rolls around the house, you can make a whole bunch of minions! Who wouldn’t want to be like Gru and have an army of minions following you around?

Make sure you check out toilet paper roll fireworks and toilet paper roll bat for more ideas on how to reuse cardboard tubes!

Free Toilet Paper Roll Minion Template

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