Harry Potter Printables – Word Searches Activity Pack!

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Who is ready for a new set of printables? We are sharing Harry Potter Printables. Wands to the ready! These are perfect if you are looking for fun kids activities to do indoors on a hot or for a rainy day activity, outdoors on the patio, for activities at kid’s party, or for any Harry Potter fan to do just to pass the time of day!

We think you will love these Harry Potter Word Searches! Looking for something different? See all our Free Printables

Harry Potter Printables 

Harry Potter Printables - Word Scramble - Character Scramble these fun Harry Potter activities come with the answer key and are in a free printable Activity Pack -Grab them, print and have fun! DearCreatives.com

These Harry Potter activities include a Harry Potter word search printable and character scramble, plus a Harry Potter Challenge to see how much you know about each house at Hogwarts. These free printables include the answer keys too. Just in case you have been put under a spell and can’t figure it out! 

When can you use these free Harry Potter printables? 

  1. When the kids or you are bored
  2. For activities at kid’s party
  3. For activities for a Harry Potter party
  4. Use it for quiet time in the house
  5. At Halloween 
  6. As a timed word search game
  7. If there is a Harry Potter fan in your house
  8. If you are looking for indoor activities for kids
  9. Or to sit and do word puzzles outside
  10. Use these while your kids are waiting to go trick or treating at Halloween 

Print and use these Harry Potter Printables anytime at all! Just grab them, print them, and solve the word search/scrambles

How to use these Harry Potter Printables For A Game

These types of word search puzzles are fun. You can use these printables as a game by timing the kids while they are doing the word search activity and give the winner a prize! (bonus points if they are dressed up as a Harry Potter Character!)

I am sure Halloween will look a lot different this year. By pre-planning, adding games, and dressing up you can still have as much fun, whether you are with a few close friends or it’s just you and the kids. But, it doesn’t have to be Halloween to love Harry Potter or these printable games, word searches, character scrambles. My whole family and grandkids are Potter Heads. What about your family?

Potter Heads you know you can spend days binge-watching the movies or reading the books… But, we hope you also enjoy doing these word scrambles and searches just as much!

Harry Potter Printables - Harry Potter Word Search, Character Scramble and Harry Potter Knowledge Challenge - DearCreatives.com

Grab the Harry Potter Printables free, from the links below!

For Personal Use Only!

Looking for more? 

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If your kids are bored right now why not rekindle their interest in Harry Potter books, games, word searches, movies…



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