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Refresh and renew. Spring is a great time to learn & explore something new! April 9th, 2023 Happy Easter! Lets Celebrate With Some Fun Easter Eggs!

If you’ve followed my blog over the last several years, you might remember that I occasionally create challenges for myself to explore, learn, and share what I discover. Last December, I challenged myself to explore 24 Days of Teaching and Learning Resources

My challenge for April is to explore something new each day and share what I discover. Hopefully, I won't let you or myself down!

Since it is Easter, I decided to hop over to Google Search and explore some "Easter Eggs". 

When browsing the internet, an Easter egg is a message, image, or joke hidden inside of a website. In order to activate the Easter egg, you may have to click a certain graphic or key in a code. (Source)

I like to use some of the Google Search Easter Eggs as brain breaks with my students. Something fun to explore when we need a break. Today I wanted to share a few that I've discovered recently along with a document exploring some of my favorites. 


Some of the best Google Easter Eggs have been part of Google Doodles over the years, but you may not know that Google developers have created quite a few "hidden easter eggs" over the years.

Here are some of the Google Hidden Easter Eggs I recently discovered.

  • Grogu and the Force - Baby Yoda uses the force on your search results
  • The Last of Us - Be ready to have your screen taken over by fungi.
  • Meteorite - Scare away any dinosaurs that might be bothering you.
  • Drop Bear - Meet the legendary Australian Drop Bear.
  • Dinner for One - Watch out for the tiger rug!

Google Easter Egg Brain Breaks

This document has instructions to help you find and explore some of my favorite Easter Eggs.

These occasionally disappear. Some of my old favorites like Zerg Rush don’t seem to work anymore, but there are many more to explore. In fact, there are way too many for this document, but a quick Google search for “Google Easter Eggs” will bring you even more. At last count, I think there are more than 100 of these hidden gems at any given moment. 

At the time of this post, all of these easter eggs can be discovered on the Google Search Home Page. Some of these don’t always seem to load with Educational Google Accounts. If it doesn’t work, try Incognito or a Personal Account.

If you are looking for additional Brain Break resources and ideas for your students, be sure to check out these resources.

Visit the blog tomorrow for something new or follow along in this document.

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