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Rules for Daughters Printable Poster ready for download

Last month we got an email from one of our visitors asking about printable similar to our famous house rules poster. She had an excellent idea for printable containing rules for her daughters. Because of that, instead of charging her for creating this printable, I did it completely free. We decided together to make it available for all of you as a free download. It is how the rules for my daughters printable was created.

One or more?

No matter how many daughters you have, there is a version of this printable for you!

In this download, you will find a total of eight posters! Four for proud parents of one daughter and four for families with multiple girls.

All posters included in the Rules For Daughters printable package are in A3 size, so there should be no problem with reading all the rules.

Finally, I could not decide which colors to include. Because of that, I added them all. So there are black/white and black/white/pink color combinations.

Different versions of Rules for Daughters Free Printable

Download Free Rules for Daughters Printable

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Font used in this free rules for daughters printable is called Geometrica.

Looking for something specific?

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