Flashlight Scavenger Hunt

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Want an outdoor night game for the kids? This printable Flashlight Scavenger Hunt can be used for camping at night or backyard fun after dark. Additionally, you can download and save this full list of nine additional outdoor scavenger hunts for kids to create family traditions and memories year-round.

Flashlight Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor Flashlight Scavenger Hunt Printable for Kids

If 2020 has taught us anything it has been to create family traditions and to be more creative with our time. Thinking outside the box has taught us to make new memories.

Did you know? Memories are created when something different happens. Have you noticed how quickly the days and weeks fly by when you are in the same old routine. When you change up that daily routine and add in something different, you have created a memory in your child’s mind. It  is a bump in the road on their walk of life and creates something they look back on – that can be good or bad. Why not create more bumps in the road that are good.

One way to change up a routine week or weekend night is to add in a Flashlight Scavenger Hunt.

Outdoor Flashlight Scavenger Hunt

Flashlight Scavenger Hunt Printable + Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Take your traditional family game night out of the box with this Night Scavenger Hunt idea for kids. This scavenger hunt is very basic. What makes it fun for Family Camping or Backyard Entertainment is that it’s out of the norm. You child will love waiting for the the sun to set and pulling out their flashlight. You can take this scavenger hunt on a trail, to a campsite or use in your own yard.

To make your evening family activity even more fun, trying paring this adventure with even more fun by adding in S’mores Campfire Cones or learn How to Color Flames in a Fire (in our overnight camping tips.)

Print Our Free Flashlight Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Outdoor Scavenger Hunts for Kids

What this flashlight scavenger hunt fun? We have plenty of other outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas. These outdoor scavenger hunts for kids can be brought to the beach, the park, the neighborhood, etc.

Get outside!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunts for Kids Printables

Night Games for Kids

Outdoor Games for Kids Printable + Flashlight Scavenger Hunt

Like I said earlier, staying home and in the outdoors provides plenty of opportunities to create new family traditions and new family memories.  Take a look at some of the outdoor night games for kids including how to play flashlight tag, gloweyball, glow sardines, kick the can, ghost in the graveyard and night statues.  You might recognize some of your favorite childhood games twisted into backyard games with your kids.

Print these directions and a list of game ideas for the next page you want to create in your kids metal book of memories.

Print Our Free Outdoor Night Games for Kids

Flashlight Scavenger Hunt Printable

Outdoor Night Flashlight Scavenger Hunt Printable for Kids

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Our Pinterest community and I would love to see how this worked out for you. Share your final flashlight scavenger hunt game and printable.  Leave a comment and/or add a photo here on Pinterest!

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