Fables and Fairy Tale Books for Kids and Fun Activities

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I’m pretty sure that you can retell at least one fairy tale or fable from memory. And, you probably have some fond memories of someone reading one to you. Let’s dive into the world of talking characters, good vs evil, and so much more in these fable and fairy tale books for kids.


Best Fairy Tale Mash-Up Books for Children

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Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure chapter books of your childhood?  Well, now you can have the same fun in a picture book adventure.  Endlessly Ever After by Laure Snyder is a mash-up of Little Red Riding Hood, Jack, Hansel, Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, a wolf, a witch, a goose, a grandmother, some pigs, and endless variations.  Get ready for lots of adventures.

The Wrong Fairy Tale series mashes up a few stories into one. For example, two fairy tales collide in Jack and the Three Bears by Turner. Turns out Little Bear and his family spot a beanstalk on their walk while the porridge cools and they meet Jack at the top. Will they be able to escape from the giant?


From Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs to Red Riding Hood and the Three Billy Goats Gruff, there is lots of mixed-up fun to be had.

More Fractured Fairy Tales and Fables


After reading Cinderella with Dogs by Linda Bailey, I decided we need more dogs in fairy tales! Cinderella is given a fairy dogmother who decks her out in doggish style and escorts her dogs and all to the ball where she meets a dog-loving prince.


Let’s keep the Cinderella variations going with Cinderstella A Tale of Planets Not Princes by Brenda S. Miles. Cinderstella is pawning for a prince she has aspirations to be an astronaut.


Reading Beauty by Deborah Underwood is the story of Princess Lex who has to bring books back to the land after a paper-cut curse.  She is brave and determined.


Hansel and Gretel are about to set the narrator straight in Not Hansel and Gretel by Josh Funk. The story is playful fun and full of dialogue.


The Pirates Are Coming! by John Condon is a take on The Boy Who Cried Wolf! Tom rings the bell one too many times to warn that a pirate ship is coming.  But, what happens when the pirates really do show up?

Three Little Pigs Books


Read the traditional version and lots of variations with the books on this list.—>Three Little Pigs Variations


Three Little Pigs Mini Unit

Three Little Pigs Small World Play

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Books


Enjoy reading these books too.—> Goldilocks and the Three Bears Books


Goldilocks and the Three Bears Cover All Activity

The Three Billy Goats Gruff


There are so many fun variations of this book.—> The Three Billy Goats Gruff Books


Three Billy Goats Gruff Mini Unit

Three Billy Goats Gruff LEGO Retelling Activity

Jack and the Beanstalk Books


Climb the beanstalk with these amazing reads.—> Jack and the Beanstalk Books


Jack and the Beanstalk Game

Little Red Riding Hood Books


A basket of these books would be a yummy treat.—> Little Red Riding Hood Books


Little Red Riding Hood Activity

The Gingerbread Man Books


Run, run, as fast as you can to grab these books.—> Gingerbread Man Variations


Gingerbread Man Printable Retelling Book

Gingerbread Ornament

Gingerbread Letter Cookies

More Gingerbread Man Activities

The Little Red Hen Books

I will get these books and I did!—> Little Red Hen Books


Little Red Hen Activities

Enjoy reading, exploring, and learning with these fun fable and fairy tale books for kids.

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