Everything You Need to Know Before Your Next Camping Trip

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When it comes to summer activities, it doesn’t get any more classic than the good old family camping trip! With some insider tips and a little pre-planning, you can wow your family with an adventure that they won’t forget. We’ve rounded up the best tips for food, activities and camping hacks so you can rock the campground like a pro.

What to Eat

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The best campfire food.

From breakfast burritos to awesome dinner ideas, we've got the very best recipes for cooking over a campfire. Click here to see them all. 

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And delicious grilling recipes.

From grilled chicken recipes to kebobs, this roundup of food you can cook on the grill is perfect for your next camping trip. See the recipes here


Totally unique s'mores.

No camping trip with kids is complete until you've had s'mores over the campfire. Opt to go traditional or bring extra goodies to make an unforgettable concoction. Find our favorite unique s'mores recipes here

What to Do

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Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt.

There's no better place for a scavenger hunt that the woods. We've even got the perfect outdoor scavenger hunt printable, which you can download here

Play camping games.

Did you know there's way more to camping games than just hide and go seek? Yup, we've got 18 unique games you can play in the woods with kids. See them all here. 

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Set up a stargazing station

If you can find a clearing near your campsite, consider bringing tools to help you locate constellations and planets. Our guide to stargazing with kids will give you everything you need to get ready. 

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Tell ghost stories.

We've got 28 not-so-scary ghost stories for kids that are perfect for telling around the campfire. See the entire list here

What to Bring

The ultimate camping checklist.

From what type of gear to pack to little things you might not think of, we've created the ultimate camping checklist. You can print it out by clicking here

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A tent that fits your family's needs.

Whether you want a waterproof tent or if you're looking for luxury tents, we've rounded up the best camping tents for families. See them all here

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Or, the RV you can rent instead.

Don't want to camp in a tent? RV's are making a comeback. Here are 11 reasons why you should consider an RV camping trip this year.

The gear that does everything but pitch the tent.

You've got your checklist, you've picked your tent. What's next? The next-level gear that'll make it an unforgettable outdoor adventure. We've carefully curated all the best stuff for your next trip into the woods, see it all here.  

And the hacks that'll make your life easier.

Finally, we got camping pros to give us their top tips and tricks to make your trip the best it can be. See our top camping hacks by clicking here

—Gabby Cullen with Kate Loweth



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