DIY Mother’s Day Gifts in a Jar (Free Printable Gift Tags Included!)

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Check out these DIY Mother’s Day Gifts in a Jar and Mother’s Day gift basket!

Mother's Day gifts in a jar with free mother's day printables

Need a last-minute gift for Mom? She’ll love one of these DIY Mother’s Day Gifts in a Jar!

Consider making Mom or Grandma a jar filled with gifts as a fun surprise. Much like a gift basket, you can fill it up with personalized items she’d enjoy as a thoughtful way to say Happy Mother’s Day – plus, we’ve even got free Mother’s Day printables for gift tags for you!

You can make baskets/jars for all the special moms in your life. And long after she has used the contents, Mom can utilize these pretty storage jars all year long!

supplies needed for mother's day gifts in a jar

Grab some jars, and let’s make a cute Mother’s Day gift with these fun ideas!

My favorite jars to make these types of gifts are the Anchor Hocking Heritage jars from Walmart. They’re well-made, affordable, and super convenient to have around the house. The large 2-gallon glass jars are just $14 in-store, and there are other small and medium-sized varieties also like the 1/2 gallon smaller jar also pictured (around $6 in my store).

Hip Tip: HomeGoods and Target are also good spots to check for jars, as well as Dollar Tree (for a smaller Mason jar gift). You can also re-purpose a pretty jar you have around the house, or check your thrift store.

Then, simply print the FREE Mother’s Day printable gift tags on card stock paper and attach them to your jars with decorative ribbon or string. I’ve included tags in multiple sizes so you can use them on different sizes of jars.

It’s also worth mentioning that these tags would make a pretty gift topper or they could serve as a tag for any other gift you are planning for Mother’s Day!

Free mother's day printables gift tags on

FREE Happy Mother’s Day Printable Gift Tags

diy mothers day gift printable gift tags

diy free printable gift tags

mothers day free printable gift tags

Mother's Day Gifts in a Jar


Supplies Needed



Place gift basket grass at bottom of the jar.


Fill the jar with small giftable items.


Print the gift tags onto card stock paper and punch a hole near the top of the tag you plan to use. Secure the tag using a ribbon around the top of the jar.

3 different diy mother's day gifts in a jar on the table

Need some gift-in-a-jar inspiration?

I filled one jar with all kinds of fun ways for mom to pamper herself, such as different beauty and relaxation products and things I know she’ll enjoy! Another jar has summer essentials like a beach towel, sunglasses, flip-flops, and sunscreen. Finally, the last jar has a selection of pretty nail polish and supplies for the perfect manicure.

I used gift basket filling at the bottom of each jar, but that is definitely optional. And don’t forget the Mother’s Day printables for the attached gift tag!

Here are 3 unique DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas:

1. DIY Spa Day Gift in a Jar

mom on break gifts in a jar

Ideas to include in the spa jar:

wrapped spa themed gift in a jar for mom with mother's day printables

2. DIY Summer Gift in a Jar

swimming themed diy mothers day gift in a jar contents on the counter

Ideas to include in the summer jar:

mom on holiday theme gift jar with mother's day printables

3. DIY Manicure in a Jar

supplies to make manicure in a jar idea gift idea for mom with free mother's day printables

Ideas to include in the manicure jar:

Hip Tip: See how my sidekick Emily gets the perfect manicure using Kiss nails! So fun, and I personally use Impress Nails all the time and love them.

mother's day manicure in a jar supplies gift wrapped with mother's day printables

Don’t forget to include a little Mom-mento!

I love that you can personalize this gift for mom at lots of different price points according to your budget. I’d also consider including some priceless items like a drawing from the kids, a special small framed photo, or photo magnets. Or even write down reasons why you love your mom/grandma on pieces of paper, just like we did with these DIY Kindness Jars!

nail polish gift in a jar for mom with mother's day printables

And if you’ve already gotten your mom a gift, you can still print out the Mother’s Day printables to use as your gift tag!

More gift ideas this way!


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