Cute Easter Bookmarks With Printables

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Easter Bookmarks

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Easter Bookmarks are a fun and simple craft for kids! Perfect for Easter fun and a great way to encourage reading! 

Bookmarks are an excellent activity for the family to do together! When it comes to Easter crafts, why not add this to your list? They’re unique, fun, and adorable. The perfect combination for creating super cute and useful fun.

Not only can you make one cute bookmark, but there are options here to make a bunny, sheep, and chick! Three bookmarks with one easy craft template? That’s one idea that I’ll love to do with the kids over and over again. 

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Easter Bookmarks

How do you make Easter bookmarks?

The great thing about making your own bookmarks is that they’re a fast and easy process. While you will need to be there for your kids to help with parental supervision, a lot of the steps they’ll be able to do all on their own. 

All you need to do to make your own DIY bookmarks is follow the simple step-by-step directions below. Before you know it, you’ll have the cutest bookmarks for Easter to share with family and friends. 

Will I need colored craft paper? 

Yes, to make these bookmarks colorful and different, you will want to have a variety of colored papers. While the directions below give you an idea of what colors to use, don’t forget to let the kids show their creative fun as well.

Pink bunnies and blue bunnies are always a good idea! Orange and yellow chicks? You bet! And don’t forget that sheep can be white, purple, and even red! 

The point of crafts is that there is always room for creativity to occur. If you want to let the kids chance the colors of the animals on the bookmarks, let them have fun doing so! 

What age is this bookmark craft for? 

As long as there is parental help happening, you can have all ages join in on this craft. The younger kids will be able to learn how to follow directions while the older kids can work on tuning the fine details. 

This craft for Easter is also great for fine motor skills, cutting skills, learning how to use scissors, and making sure to not make a mess with the glue. There are so many ways that this craft is great for kids to do. 

Easter Bookmarks

Easter Bookmarks

Get the Easter Bookmark Printable

Easter Bookmarks – Materials: 

What makes a good bookmark?

I think that any bookmark is a good bookmark, but there are a few things that make bookmarks stand out from others. I like using stronger paper so that it doesn’t tear easily. 

Because let’s be honest – sometimes kids aren’t the easiest on books or bookmarks so having a tougher bookmark that can stand up to wear and tear is one of the best ideas. 

Why do people use bookmarks? 

This is the age-old debate! Should readers use a bookmark or just go ahead and turn down the page? Most people don’t want a book to have a bunch of bent pages, so this is where bookmarks come into play. 

People use bookmarks because they’re a fun way to show off things that they like as well! Bookmarks come in all sizes, shapes, and colors and make it easy to showcase the personality of the reader. 

Why do kids love bookmarks? 

Kids aren’t the only ones that love bookmarks! Adults are fond of them as well! The best thing about a bookmark is that it holds the page that you are reading in the book. 

One of the worst things to have to happen is to be reading a book and then suddenly realize that you’ve lost your place! This is where a bookmark comes into play and is quite handy. 

Tips for making bookmarks 

While the tutorial is a pretty straightforward process, one of the biggest tips to remember is that the kids should be patient and be sure to let the glue dry. Rushing the process of the glue drying means that the bookmark might not stay together and be ruined in the process. 

Also, don’t be afraid to let the kids have fun making the bookmark. While it’s important to follow steps, it’s also important to let the creative thoughts flow as well. 

They’ll love the outcome of their bookmark craft, and you’ll love seeing their confidence grow! 

chick bookmark

sheep bookmark

Who are these bookmarks for? 

The fun thing about making these bookmarks is that they can be given to all ages! If you are making these for the kids, these would also be super cute to put inside their Easter baskets as a fun surprise.

I love the idea of gifting the kids some of their favorite Easter books and then having these Easter bookmarks inside of them! 

If you’re having an Easter egg hunt, you could also have these Easter bookmarks as part of the prizes that can be found. 

Get the Easter Bookmark Printable

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Easter bookmarks

Yield: Easter Bookmarks

Easter Bookmarks

Easter bookmarks

Check out these cute Easter Bookmarks! Perfect for a fun Easter craft!



  1. Choose your desired colored papers to make the bookmarks. Trace the templates onto the paper and cut them out.


  1. Color eyes with a black marker leaving a bit of white in the center. GLUE: the feet to the bottom of the lower body; beak cheek and wing. And finally head to the top to complete the chick.


  1. Color eyes with a black marker leaving a bit of white in the center. GLUE: legs and attach them to the bottom of the lower body; cheeks and tail; hair on top of the head.
  2. Use a black market to draw the nose and the mouth. Glue the head to the top of the upper body to finish the sheep.


  1. Color eyes with a black marker leaving a bit of white in the center. GLUE: head to the body; inner ears to the outer ears and glue to the head; cheeks to the face.
  2. Use a black marker to add a nose and smile.

With all the finished bookmarks, glue a popsicle stick behind the body.

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