College Survival Kit

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College Survival Kit


A College Survival Kit is a perfect gift or DIY project for a soon-to-be college student. Some kits are cute with puns and tags. Others are a collection of items for a dorm room. This college survival kit is meant to go in the bottom of a backpack or in the car of a college student to have on the run when emergencies arise.

Whether they are in desperate need of a snack or cup of coffee, have unexpectantly started their period, or have a splitting headache, this college survival kit will be there for them when they need it.

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college survival k

College Survival Kit

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started with this clear bag I found on Amazon. They came in a set of three, which is handy if you are making gifts for several people. I was looking for something small enough for a backpack or car console. I also liked that I could easily apply the labels to a clear bag as opposed to a fabric bag. The clear bags can also be taken into an NCAA sporting event that requires clear bags.

Your college survival kit does not have to have a label, but when it is given as a gift, it dresses it up. I made the label with my Cricut machine.

You may purchase labels from the Almost Empty Nest Store.




Tylenol or other pain reliever: In case of the sudden onset of a headache or other pain.

Hair Ties: Sometimes a hair tie breaks or it is windy outside or a college girl just decides she wants to pull her hair up.

Tissues: Tissues can be used in an emergency to wipe up a small spill, help fix smeared makeup, or for their original purpose, to wipe a nose.

Feminine Products: No explanation needed. Periods come sometimes at very inconvenient times!

A Small Healthy Snack: A college girl may find herself in need of a snack between classes or when she absolutely cannot break away from studying or a group project.

Lip Balm: Chapped lips are no fun.

Nail File: Nails break and start snagging on everything. A nail file can be a really handy item in a pinch.

Safety Pins: Loose hem, button that won’t stay buttoned, blouse that is showing more than you thought when you left the dorm….

Band Aids: For a cut finger or shoes that are blistering a heel.

Starbucks Gift Card: Sometimes a cup of their favorite beverage is an emergency and what is a college student to do if she is out of money. The college survival kit to the rescue!!

Hand Sanitizer: Unfortunately our kids are going back to school during a pandemic. They cannot have too much hand sanitizer.

Mask: They will also need a collection of masks – some for their room, one for their backpack, one for the car. Most schools are not going to allow them in a building or a classroom without a mask. Having an extra one in their college survival kit will be a life saver if they accidentally left theirs somewhere or dropped it outside on the way to class. Good to always have an extra clean one in case theirs is dirty or a strap breaks.

college survival kit

Antacid tablets

Small multi-tool

Breath mints

Small sewing kit

Sticky notes


Stain remover pen

college survival kit

A college survival kit makes a great graduation gift or college item to make for your daughter before she heads off to school this fall.

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