Blow Pom Poms Through a LEGO Maze Activity

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Creating a LEGO maze is a fun activity that lets our little ones practice basic engineering skills. 

As we have seen in the LEGO marble maze, kids love using their own imagination to build mazes. We also had fun watching our kids practice fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills to get a marble through the maze.

For the pom-pom blowing LEGO maze, we are building a much bigger maze. The objective is to use a straw and navigate a pom-pom through the maze by blowing on it. 

LEGO Maze Blow Pink Pom Pom Floor

This is one of those activities that you expected to be simple and fun, but my kids just loved it. They also learned a lot about physics when they ran around the maze, trying to blow the pom-pom in the correct direction.

I would love for your kids to join in on the fun! 

How to Build a LEGO Pom-Pom Maze

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  1. Just start building the maze from the beginning! Since you are working with an open area (unless you are doing this on a table instead fo the floor), you have the freedom to build your maze whichever way you would like. Just make sure you build both sides or walls of the track at the same time so that you don’t end up with one side of the track completed but run out of brick for the other side.
    LEGO Pom Pom Maze on Table
  2. Add extra LEGO blocks on top to make sure the LEGO walls stay together. You can skip this step, but I foresee a lot of disappointed faces when your kid accidentally kicks the maze and destroy the tracks. 
  3. Hand your kid the straw.
  4. Let your kid figure out how to blow the pom-pom through the LEGO maze!
    LEGO Maze Blow Pink Pom Pom

We started off with the LEGO maze on our dining table. While my 6-year-old son had no problem going around the table to blow on the pom-pom, my 3-year-old daughter was too little to reach the pom-pom.

Therefore, if you are doing this on a table, I would recommend using a smaller table and the maze is built so that the kids can reach all parts of it by moving around the table. Also, when you build the maze, make sure to build more toward the edges of the table rather than making a complex interior.

With all that said, perhaps it’s just best to build the maze on the floor! We moved the LEGO maze down to the floor and now both kids can blow on the pom-pom without any issues. The only thing to watch out for is our dog running by and kicking the maze!

LEGO Maze Blow White Pom Pom Floor

You can almost see light bulbs going off on top of their heads as my kids navigated the pom-pom through the LEGO maze. They learned:

  • Most of the time, you have to physically move to be able to get the straw behind the pom-pom and blow it in the right direction.
  • In some cases, you can bend the straw in an angle that will allow you to direct the air and blow the pom-pom where you want it to go without you physically moving.
  • Blowing perpendicular to the pom-pom doesn’t really make it move anywhere.
  • If you bend the straw too much, there will be no gap for the air to go through the straw. No matter how hard you blow, the pom-pom is not going anywhere.
  • You need to be careful of your hands and feet while moving around the LEGO maze to avoid bumping into the walls and knocking the tracks out of place.

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If you have multiple kids, you can make blowing pom-pom through the maze more fun by:

  • Breaking out the timer and timing how long it takes for your kids to complete the maze. Who can do it faster?
  • Having your kids start the maze at the same time but from opposite ends. Who can get his pom-pom out of the maze first?
  • Having one kid “block” the pom-pom from advancing by blowing it the opposite direction. Who can blow the pom-pom harder?
  • Having one person build the maze for the other. 

Final Thoughts on the LEGO Pom-Pom Maze

To mommy’s delight, the blowing pom-pom through LEGO maze brought hours of fun. The kids wanted to keep playing with it so much that they made sure it was tucked away safely overnight so they could continue the next day.

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