Bath and Body Works Coupon Policy (Updated for 2020)

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Bath and Body Works Coupon Policy Store Front

Bath and Body Works Coupon Policy (Updated for 2020)

I can’t enough of Bath and Body Works and all the scents, candles, lotions, and hand soap options! I go in there for one item as a gift and come out with an entire shopping bag of stuff. To help you maximize your savings at Bath and Body Works, we spent many hours reading and studying Bath and Body Works Coupon Policy to make it easy for anyone to understand. A great place to start saving (after reading this post), is to check out the latest Bath and Body Works Deals available. Bath & Body Works is coupon friendly and using coupons at this popular retailer in-store or online can be an excellent way to save. Here is what you need to know about the Bath & Body Works coupon policy and how to save the most on your next purchase.

How Do You Receive Coupons for Bath and Body Works?

To join the Bath & Body Works email list and receive coupons regularly, go to their online form and enter your information. It may take a couple of weeks to receive your first promotional offers and offers are not available at all times. You can also provide your information to the Bath & Body Works cashier when checking out at the register in-store to receive special offers.

Can I Use Expired Coupons at Bath and Body Works Stores?

Yes. Most Bath and Body Works retail locations will allow a three-day grace period which will allow you to use the coupon up to three days after it expires. If a coupon you receive does not start until a certain date, you may also be able to use it up to three days before the start date printed on the coupon. Both of these extensions are up to each individual store manager’s discretion and may vary by location, so be sure to check at your local store before making a purchase.

Bath and Body Works Sales and Coupons

Does the Bath and Body Works Website Offer Free Shipping?

Sometimes. The Bath & Body Works website will offer free shipping from time to time for online orders. Join the Bath & Body Works email club to stay up to date on the latest promotions and offers. There is a limit of one promotion code discount per order, so make sure the free shipping discount (when available) is the best discount to apply to your purchase. At this time, Bath & Body Works does not offer a ship-to-store option on online purchases.

Are Bath and Body Works Products the Same Price in Store and Online?

No. Bath and Body Works stores each have a different assortment of products and inventory can vary by location as well as online. Because of this, some promotional offers are available for select stores only or for online purchases only. When seeking the best price, compare your in-store pricing to the Bath & Body Works website. All pricing and product availability are subject to change at any time.

Can You Use Multiple Discount Codes When Shopping Bath and Body Works Online?

No. Only one discount code is accepted per online order. If you have multiple discount codes that you would like to use, Bath and Body Works recommend placing multiple orders, however, shipping charges will apply for each order. If you enter more than one promotional code when shopping Bath & Body Works online, only your last discount code will be applied to your order.

Why Doesn’t My Online Bath and Body Works Coupon Code Work?

When you are entering a coupon code at, if your coupon code does not work, it may just be an error with how you are entering the code. When entering a Bath & Body Works coupon code during online checkout, be sure to include the dashes that are shown in the code and do not enter any characters after space. If there is more than one line of text for the online Bath & Body Works promo code, only enter the first line. Make sure that you enter the promo code exactly as it appears in your email, on your printed mailer or on the website. Click on the “Apply” button to add your discount and you will see the savings in the payment summary. Bath & Body Works only allows one online discount code per order, so make sure you pick the best promotional offer before submitting it.

Bath and Body Works Online Coupons

What if You Forget to Use Your Discount Code When Checking Out Online at

Did you place an online order with Bath and Body Works only to realize that you forgot to use your promotional code or coupon code? If so, contact them immediately and they may be able to apply the offer to your recent order. This does need to be done very shortly after placing your order since their fulfillment process is very quick.

Does Bath and Body Works Offer Rain Checks?

No. Bath & Body Works does not offer rain checks. All promotional offers are while supplies last and rain checks will not be issued. Check with your local store for availability.

Does Bath and Body Works Offer Free Items With Coupon?

Yes. Bath & Body Works does occasionally offer free product coupons or free products with purchase coupons. Make sure you join their mailing list to receive these offers when they are available and refer to the coupon’s fine print to make sure your purchase is eligible. These details will let you know any purchase requirements to receive the free item.

Why Doesn’t My Free Item Show as Free on my Receipt?

Bath & Body Works has a generous return and exchange policy, and because of this, merchandise on the receipt is prorated to reflect any coupons or discounts. If you used a buy one get one free or BOGO coupon on your Bath & Body Works coupon, each product would show a 50% discount on your receipt. 

Stack Bath and Body Works Coupons

Can You Stack Coupons?

Yes. You can stack coupons when shopping at Bath & Body Works but they must be the Free Product ones. Typically one coupon is allowed per person per purchase either in-store or online. There are a few exceptions to this. Typically coupons that come via mail that are attached such as a dollar off coupon and a free offer coupon, these can be stacked as long as the promotions are different. If you have two of the same coupon, such as two free item coupons, these coupons cannot be stacked and your order cannot be split into multiple transactions. You must have a second person making a purchase to use the second coupon. Black Friday is an exception at Bath & Body Works and you can usually stack all coupons as long as purchase requirements are met. Be sure to read the fine print on your Bath & Body Works coupon and ask at your local store if you have any questions on using it.

Using coupons at Bath and Body Works can be an excellent way to save money. We hope your shopping trip runs a little smoother thanks to the Printable Coupons and deals Bath and Body Works coupon policy tips and summary. We do our best to make sure to update this post with any changes but always feel free to check Bath and Body Works for any new updates we might have missed. Have more questions about how to get coupons at Bath and Body Works or how to save money with Bath and Body Works coupon policy?  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and we will do our best to respond quickly with an answer or you can visit the Bath and Body Works coupon policy here.

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