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Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We are back with yet another free template in this wonderful round of free digital scrapbooking templates blog train.  If freebies are yo' thang, then you've come to the right place, Honey!  This blog is stuffed full of fabulous freebies going back nearly 10 years.  Today, I've got even more to add.  Read on further so you don't miss any of them.

Scrapbooking and crafting holiday photos and projects is probably my most favorite theme.  I love the winter holidays which is great because I certainly don't like the winter weather.  Hehehe...It gives me something to look forward to at least.

Since times are so tough for most of us, I've put my entire shop at 50%.  So you can pop in to Kreative Design Studio and download all kinds of new Christmas and holiday designs for just a few bucks.  I've got 4 packs of 2 templates that with the sale are only $1 each.  That's a pretty darn good deal!  Here's a quick look at some of the newest templates.

Holiday templates
Y'all!  I've just bundled these for around $4!!!!  That's for all EIGHT!

holiday scrapbooking
A few pages to inspire you.

Christmas scrapbook pages
A kitty twist!

We interrupt this broadcast to give you our first freebie for the day.  This lovely cute and quirky digital scrapbooking template with Santa hat, elf hat and elf shoes.  I think this is such an adorable template.  I hope you like it as well.  You might have come from International Word Art Studio  Your next stop is Annie C Digitals.

free scrapbook template

My team made some gorgeous pages with it.

holiday scrapbooking
Don'cha just love those glowing lights?

christmas scrapbook layout
The gold touch is pretty great, too.

Now, don't you go leaving us just yet!  I'm giving away an entire kit, that I just put in our shop.  You can skip all of the hopping around and just grab the kit for around $2 or you can have some fun hopping around to get it.  When ya click RIGHT HERE, you get the second part.  The first part is in our newsletter and the third part is in our You Tube Channel. You can find the link in a description of our Christmas Cookies video.  (It's a bitly link with unixmas. Consider following our You Tube Channel. 

Unicorn Christmas

I've got a little free with purchase freebie that also coordinates with Unicorn Christmas in the shop and if you're really loving this collection, I've designed tons of stuff and put them in Plus.  You'll have a huge collection if you get it all.  (Type in Unicorn Christmas in the search bar, in Plus.)

free with purchase

You can scrapbook with the designs.  Do a fun sublimation project.  Use the journal card as a tag...

fun holiday designs

This is the freebie from last week.  Enjoy all of the great gifts we've provided.  Have fun with the template hop and our freebie kit hop and consider popping into our shop and supporting The Cherry this holiday. I've put so many new items in including printables and vintage designs.  A big thanks to those of you who already have made a purchase.

free holiday tags

Thanks a million for stopping by the blog!  Make sure to keep coming back for more scrapbooking and crafting fun.

Happy holidays!!!

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