24 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts That are Easy AND Eco-Friendly!

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On the spectrum of weird American holidays, St. Patrick’s Day feels like one of the weirdest, so let’s lean into the weirdness together with this list of my favorite easy and eco-friendly St. Patrick’s Day crafts!

Each project link, below, leads to a completely free tutorial. Each project uses primarily eco-friendly ingredients, and each is easy enough that you’ll have plenty of time to finish it AND change into your favorite “Kiss Me; I’m Irish” T-shirt before the big day!

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts from Recycled Materials

  • painted Mason jarsThis is a great way to upcycle any jar that passes through your kitchen!
st. patrick's day pallet art via Ribbons and Glue st. patrick
pallet art via Ribbons and Glue
  • pallet artI love upcycling wood pallets to make outdoor art. This tutorial calls for scrapbook paper, but you could easily paint your lucky shamrock instead.

Looking for a St. Patrick’s Day craft that isn't so shamrock-y? Try this recycled green St. Patrick's Day garland!

  • recycled paper garlandI love decorations that aren’t too mitchy-matchy, and this garland fits that criteria perfectly. Upcycle green-forward magazine pages so that each flower on the garland fits the color scheme, but none are identical.
wine cork shamrock stamp via Crafty Morning
shamrock wine cork stamp via Crafty Morning
  • shamrock wine cork stampDid you have a big night last night? Don’t waste all those wine corks–instead, upcycle them into a shamrock stamp!
  • puzzle piece garlandThanks to my cats, I am plagued by puzzles with missing pieces. This puzzle piece garland is an easy way to upcycle some forlorn puzzle pieces from one of those incomplete puzzles.

embroidery hoop wreath

  • embroidery hoop wreathThe beauty of this project is that an embroidery hoop wreath is so easy to change out seasonally. Here, we’ve used upcycled papers and paint, but an embroidery hoop will support any type of artwork that can be mounted to fabric. You could even–gasp!–embroider it!

Shamrock Crafts

  • toilet paper tube shamrockY’all are obsessed with toilet paper tube crafts, and I don’t blame you! So here you go, Friends–another awesome way to use toilet paper tubes to make another super weird holiday decoration.
toilet paper tube napkin rings from Scrumdillydo
toilet paper tube napkin rings via Scrumdillydo

shamrock brooch

Shamrock Craft

  • upcycled candy box shamrockDid you receive an absolute haul of Valentine’s candy this year? Not only are you a lucky duck, but you’ve also got the perfect makings of a large-scale shamrock decoration!

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts from Fabric Scraps

patchwork pillow via Jedi Craft Girl
patchwork pillow image via Jedi Craft Girl
  • patchwork pillowHere’s your best chance to use up all the green scraps from your fabric bin. The tutorial calls for fusible interfacing, but you can get away without it if you’re careful.
  • fabric scrap wreathTie green scraps around a wire wreath form to make this festive St. Patrick’s Day wreath.
  • shamrock hair clipThe tutorial calls for felt, but you can stiffen any fabric with starch and use it instead.
fabric clover specimen art via Flamingo Toes
fabric clover specimen art via Flamingo Toes
  • fabric clover specimen artI love this unexpected St. Patrick’s Day decoration, which uses the very scrappiest scraps of fabric! I think it would look especially cute if each shamrock was cut from a different fabric.
  • stuffed shamrock garlandThe secret to the understated fabric used to make these stuffed shamrocks is that it’s cut from an old dress shirt!
  • quilted shamrockI think this would make a fun pot holder for a special Irish-themed feast.
patchwork shamrock quilt block via Log Cabin Quiltery
patchwork shamrock quilt block via Log Cabin Quiltery
  • patchwork log cabin quilt blockWhether you make a whole quilt or just a pot holder or table runner, this shamrock is a cute way to use up your green fabric scraps.
  • shamrock table runnerIf you want a tutorial specifically for a table runner, here you go!
  • buntingFrom the same creator as the appliqued pillow, this is another way to use up your scrap fabric. The pennant flags on this bunting are burlap, which is another eco-friendly fabric choice.

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts from Yarn, Thread, and Embroidery Floss Scraps

embroidered clover via TutsPlus
embroidered clover image via Tuts+
  • embroidered four-leaf cloverIt doesn’t take a ton of scrap embroidery floss to create this four-leaf clover. As you’re creating, you’ll also be learning satin stitch… AND how to embroider a heart!
  • pom pom garlandPom poms use up SOOO much yarn!!!! This is great news if you’ve got plenty of yarn you’d like to get out of your closet and into the world.
  • wrapped yarn garlandHere’s another way to use up plenty of scrap yarn. I don’t think you need to stick to green for this garland–a rainbow of shamrocks would be wonderful!

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts from Paper Scraps

  • paper mosaic shamrockThis paper craft is a great way for kids to have fun decorating for St. Patrick’s Day. Cut all your green scrapbook scraps into squares, then give the kids a glue stick and let them go!
  • mini buntingThe secret to making this bunting project super quick and easy to complete is to use the free printable that the tutorial includes. Print it on the backside of some used typing paper, add twine, and you’re all set!

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