22 Beautiful DIY Crafts For A Bohemian Home

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Living a bohemian lifestyle partially means surrounding oneself with various unconventional and artistic items and features and having a unique home filled with various interesting decorations. A predilection towards DIY projects is often implied. But what might a bohemian DIY project refer to or look like to be more exact? We’ll try to answer that question by offering some examples.

Regular picture frames won’t do if you want your home to look bohemian. You can however quite easily change that by decorating the frames with macrame and tassel trim. It’s very easy to do and all you need to do is glue the trim onto the frame to cover it all while leaving the glass intact. You can make matching pictures frames or add a unique design touch to each one. Check out akailochiclife for more details.

Tassels are fun and easy to make and can be used as decorations. They’re perfect for bohemian decors and they add color and texture to the spaces around them. A cool way in which you can use them is to decorate a mirror. This round tassel mirror featured on craftberrybush could be your source of inspiration. If you’re not a fan of those particular colors change them and come up with your own special design.

If you’re already familiar with crochet patterns and you’ve done this before, you’ll probably find this project quite easy. If not, this might be a good chance to learn how to use a crochet hook. Check out picotpals to see how this lovely boho chic bunting was made so you can replicate the pattern and decorate your own walls in a similar way. This little project might even inspire you to do a bunch of other similar ones.

This little footstool is exactly what one would expect to find in a lovely boho-chic home. It’s also a great DIY project that you might want to try yourself. Believe or not, this cute stool is actually made out of a bucket. It’s covered in a rag rug and it has a removable top which gives you access to the storage space inside the stool. You can customize your own footstool however you want, with your favorite colors and any extra details you might want to add. All the details can be found on lilyardor.

Another nice boho-chic idea is to make your own planters. It can turn out to be a fun little project and a cool way to express your creativity. There’s a DIY project on peoniesandpears that might give you some ideas. It shows how to turn simple glass bowls into colorful planters and how to decorate them with ribbon. Make as many of these cute planters as you want and give each one a special design.

Speaking of cute planters, there’s also a nice hanging macrame holder that you can make. The pot can simply be a Mason jar that you can repurpose and you can make a lovely hanger for it using a wooden dowel and some rope. It’s such a beautiful decoration and it doesn’t take up any space on the floor or the table or counter so you can place it in just about any room. If you want more details you can find them on whydontyoumakeme.

Candles are not really as popular as they once were but they always look nice in boho interiors. A nice way to display a few simple tea light candles is by placing them all on a piece of wood. This is a birch wood candle holder and the instructions for how to make one just like it can be found on abeautifulmess.

Bohemian decorations are always a bit chaotic and artistic in an unusual way. A good example is this colorful garland featured on handmadecharlotte. It was made using lots of fabric scraps cut into strips and tied onto a piece of rope. The strips also have different lengths which gives the garland a nice flowing design.

How about a nice boho hanger for your favorite jewelry? You can make one yourself using a piece of driftwood and a bunch of little furniture knobs of different kinds. Take a trip to your local craft store and pick up all the different pieces that you like and don’t forget a piece of rope or twine so you can hang this on a wall when it’s done. You can find additional details about this project on unetouchederoseeng.

A hanging macrame chair is an absolutely amazing piece of furniture that would fit beautifully in a variety of spaces and decors, but most notable in a bohemian design. As you can imagine, crafting something like this from scratch won’t be very easy but it’s definitely doable. You should check out classyclutter for a few tips and ideas regarding the design and the crafting process.

To continue on a similar note, have a look at this macrame hanging piece that you can try even as a beginner. You can tweak the design a little bit if you want to, use different colors or even change the pattern. This is something that you can hang up on a wall to add a casual and inviting look to a room. All the details and instructions you’re going to need can be found on thedesigntwins.

Canopy beds have a nice boho-chic vibe and what’s really cool is that you can most likely add a canopy to your existing bed. It’s quite easy as long as you can drill the holes into the ceiling yourself and it wouldn’t take forever. You can make the frame out of PVC pipes which would keep it simple and lightweight. Center it above the bed and pick a type of fabric that suits the bedroom. It doesn’t need to be heavy and thick since it’s not really there for any practical reason. It’s merely a decorative detail. Check out sawdust2stitches for more inspiration.

A beautiful quilt could also brighten up a bedroom and you can actually have it customized so it matches your own style better. We really like this boho garden pattern that we found on suzyquilts. It’s really cute and you can even use it if you don’t have a sewing machine. It’s not just for quilts but for pillows and other projects involving fabric too.

There are a lot of nice and interesting ways in which you can decorate some of the items you already have in your home. For example, add a splash of color to your kitchen by decorating one of the bowls. It’s quite simple actually. Place the bowl upside down, pour some paint on it and let it drip over the sides. You can also do the same thing with planters and a bunch of other things. The idea comes from jenniferrizzo.

Rugs are a really nice way to add color to a room and also to introduce some different patterns into the decor. You can make something yourself which wouldn’t be that difficult, especially if you’re a fan of the bohemian style and you enjoy casual decors. There’s a tutorial on thehoneycombhome that you can follow if you want to make a small kilim rug.

This is a rather unusual project but it’s also a really good fit for a bohemian decor. It’s a sort of chandelier-like decoration that you can make with a bunch of test tube vases and some greenery. Hang it inside or outside and use it to set the mood and create a pleasant and charming ambiance. If you’re interested in more details about this DIY bohemian project you can find them on philosophyflowers.

Woven baskets are easy to find and come in all shapes and sizes but if you want something really special it might be better to craft it yourself. That’s right, you can make your own coiled raffia basket from scratch and you can also decorate existing ones, maybe add some color to them. Check out we-are-scout and see how these lovely boho baskets were made in case you need some inspiration.

This amazing DIY bead chandelier is really beautiful and it’s a wonderful accent piece for areas like the living room, dining area, bedroom or even a cozy home office. It’s also a nice project to occupy some of your time with. You can find the instructions and additional details on thehousethatlarsbuilt. You can make yours more colorful if you want to.

Speaking of beads, you can also use some to decorate a mirror and turn it into a beautiful boho decoration for your home. To make a beaded wall mirror like the one featured on delineateyourdwelling you’re going to need the following items: a piece of cardboard cut into a circle, a round mirror smaller than the cardboard circle, four different sets of beads in different colors, acrylic paints, a glue gun and hooks to hang the mirror with.

This right here is a lovely boho project you can do before Christmas. It’s a combination between a wreath and an advent calendar. It’s made using white cardstock, printable cards and envelopes, double-sided tape, number stickers, a 12” hold macrame ring, some yarn, 24 clothespins and some decorative greenery like felt mistletoe or Christmas tree clippings. Check out lovelyindeed for additional info.

Decorate some of the walls in your home with custom artwork or maybe some decorative fabric panels like the ones featured on effortless-style. Something like this can look beautiful in the bedroom and you can use colors and prints and patterns that match the rest of the room. This is also a really nice way to add more texture and warmth to the room.

You can also make lots of cool, bohemian-style decorations and accessories that involve embroidery hoops. This DIY earring holder is one of them. It’s made using a 10” wooden embroidery hoop, a few wooden dowels, a glue gun, some paint and thin cord, ribbon, twine or something else to hang it with. It’s great for earrings but you can also use it for bracelets and other jewelry too. Additional details can be found on ohohdeco.

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