17 Things I Want To Do In 2023 – Week 9 of 52

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Go On A Solo Adventure.  Done

A solo adventure to Fair Isle. I don’t think I could have picked a more unique and cozy spot to spend a few weeks

Take An Adult Education Class. 

The Girl and I have signed up for a cooking class! My lips are sealed for now though as to where and when it will take place. On a side note, she’s getting rather good at the latte art! 

Revisit An Old Friend.

This goal is a bit of a play on words, but I’m working on it!

Easter Rabbit Letterpress Card Set by OrnamentalLetterPress 

Send 52 Cards To 52 Different People. {11 of 52 mailed so far}

So far this year I’ve mailed off 11 cards. And as an extra bonus, one of the people I mailed a card to last month is now coming for a visit this summer! How cool is that!? 🙂 

Make 12 Totally British Recipes In The AGA. 

I made my first recipe from the Mary Berry cookbook that came with the stove and it turned out fantastic. Now I’m concentrating on bread. I’m still figuring out the AGA, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to start with the totally British recipes. 

Set Aside 200 Items For A Yard Sale {I’ve set aside 8 of 200 items so far}

I didn’t set aside anything for the yard sale this past week. We had a lot going on and well, it just wasn’t a priority. It will be soon though if I plan on hitting my goal of 200 items by the end of April. 

Earn $1,493.04 {Last Year’s Grocery Expenses} Selling Totally Random Things Online

Much to my surprise, the set of Folger’s Coffee cans were the first to sell! I wonder what the person who bought them is going to do with them. 

Sold so far:

*Money earned selling random stuff so far $167.80

* At the end of the year I will deduct all the shipping/supply/selling fees from the grand total. 

Go On a Staycation/Craftcation With The Girl

We don’t have any plans yet, but holing up somewhere to work on crafts and ordering room service for a few days seems like a totally fun thing to strive for. 

The only rule is, the hotel has to be free {presumably with credit card points.} And there will be matching flannel pajamas. 

Turn The Craft Room Into a Proper Studio Space

It’s been over a week and I am still in love with the light fixture for the studio that I spotted in a magazine. If I’m going to get it though, I need to sell a big piece {rug} to pay for it. 

Changes I plan on making to the space:

  • Rip out the old gross carpet and replace it with pine floors
  • Fresh paint
  • A proper light fixture
  • New serger
  • New work table
  • A sitting area with a spot to hook

Hook 100 Rugs {38 of 100 done so far}

I updated my Etsy shop last night with 18 new rugs/pillows and 2 patterns and so far, I’ve sold 9 finished items. Yee-Haw! This rabbits and roses rug I hooked is a pattern by Woolen Memories and I just LOVE how it turned out!

Create 15 New Rug Hooking Patterns 10 of 15 completed so far}

Last night I added 2 new patterns to my Etsy shop. Only 5 more to go to hit my goal!

New patterns I’ve added to my Etsy shop in 2023:

Grow 1,000 Pounds of Vegetables In The Commune Sized Garden

The onions are coming along! I gave them a little trim the other day and used the tips in a quiche. 

Empty The Canning Cupboard / Fill The Canning Cupboard

The canning cupboard is starting to get thinned out! It may not look like it but last week we opened 10 jars. I think this week I’ll whip up a batch of whole grain raspberry bars to use up another jar of the jam.

Make $500 Selling Plants, Flowers or Vegetables

My maintenance guy said we got 11 inches of snow yesterday! I love it here in Maine. I especially love having a reason to stay inside during the winter months to hook rugs and bake cookies. 

Summer {and warmer weather} will be here soon enough… Right now though, I just want to enjoy the colder weather while I can.

Buy 12 Handmade Items {From 12 Different Artists} 2 down, 10 to go

So far this year I have bought from Rachel of Barkland Croft and had my friend Zoë turn all my fabric squares into 2 quilts for me. I love supporting crafty people who love what they do!

Update Every Single Recipe On The Blog To A Printable Format 

This past week I updated 4 recipes to a printable format; 

26 Official Date Days With My Handsome Husband {3 down, 23 to go}

How about YOU? How are you coming along with your goals for this year? 

Have a great day everyone, 



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