10 Ultimate Fun Ninja Party Games For Kids

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Selection of fun and easy ninja party games for kids that are perfect to use at ninja parties.

With each of the games being easy to set up and easy to participate in, they will ensure a lot of fun is had by the little ninja guests.

Selection of fun and easy ninja party games for kids that are perfect to use at ninja parties. With each of the games being easy to set up and easy to participate in, they will ensure a lot of fun is had by the little ninja guests.

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A ninja birthday party might not seem like your first choice of party themes, but it is perfect for little kids that love ninja turtles or martial arts of any kind. It is also a suitable party theme for boys and girls.

Setting up the theme is the easy part. Knowing what to do with the kids to keep them occupied at the party is the harder part.

Whilst having some free play time at a kids party is important, it is helpful to have coordinated games to keep the party on track.

This selection of ninja party games for kids will make that super easy for you though and will bring out the little ninja in them all.

It is a great idea to have the games planned PRIOR to the start of the party to ensure that the party runs smoothly and everyone has a great time.

Choose from a selection of fun ninja games for kids that are all sure to be a huge hit, and will bring the themed birthday party to life.

For some added fun, why not give each of the kids their own ninja names as they enter the party. This will make them feel a little bit extra special.

Easy & Fun Ninja Games For Kids

Ninja games are a lot of fun. They don’t all need to be “ninja” specific, but can you definitely want to include a few that will show off the kids ninja skills.

Other’s can purely be a fun game that has a ninja theme to it, such as having a ninja head on a pinata.

1. Blind Ninja: 

Blind ninja is played a bit like the game tag. One of the party guests has a blind fold placed over their eyes and all the other guests have to hide. Once they find their hiding spot they must stay still.

Set a timer. The object of the game is for the blind ninja to try and find all the kids (or as many kids as they can) in that time.

The kids must notify their whereabouts by little whistles, or claps or stomping their feet. The blind ninja must follow the sounds and tap their friends.

How many friends will they find in the time?

At the end of the allocated time, repeat the game with a new blind ninja.

Blind ninja party game

2. Ninja Spy Killer: 

One of the kids is chosen to be the ninja spy and they have to kill all the other kids using just a wink.

This can be played with either the kids sitting in a circle and the ninja spy has to try and kill the kids around the circle OR can be done moving around.

The kids need to determine who is the ninja spy before all the kids are wink killed.

3. Sensei Says: 

Yes you guessed it. This is a game of Simon Says, but ninja style!

Have several “moves” planned and one by one name them. Moves can be things like “make a right hand punch”, “make a left leg kick” or “jump and turn around”. 

With each move, the master must first say “Sensei says (move)”. The children undertake the move that the Sensei says.

If the Sensei says the move without first saying “Sensei says”, then those kids are out of the round.

Keep going until you have a winner.

4. Ninja Obstacle Course Challenges: 

Kids love obstacle courses and for this you can literally set up anything that you like.

Ensure that it includes as many balance obstacles as possible including things that the kids can jump over, cargo nets to crawl under and of course a balance beam.

This is easier to set up in back yards but can also be undertaken indoors if you feel you have plenty of space. Ensure that you coordinate some challenging obstacles, but also ensure that these are suitable to the age group and children’s strength.

You could even set up some fun skill stations, requiring the kids to undertake a particular ninja skill before they can proceed on the course.

5. Maze of String: 

Set up an obstacle course for the ninja’s using string or crepe paper. You will need to create lots of lines attached to walls and furniture to create a massive web maze. Attach the string from one side of a wall to the other, making high and low lines.

The aim of the game is for the little ninjas to navigate their way through the maze without touching any of the string.

Ninja maze

6. Ninja Training: 

If you know someone who undertakes martial arts, then this game will be even better. Otherwise learn some simple moves that can be taught to the kids.

Coordinate the kids into a ninja training session where you can teach them some basic moves such as kicks and punches (into the air of course and not on each other!).

If you have some ninja training equipment such as punch bags, that’s even better!

7. Save The Ninja’s: 

This game is played in teams. 

Obtain some small plastic ninja’s and hide them in a bowl of dried rice. Ensure that there is one ninja in the bowl for each of the children in the team.

The children are then handed a pair of chopsticks. One at a time they have to dive into the rice and find the ninja using only their chopsticks. The child has to pick up the ninja with the chopsticks, race to the other finish line and place the ninja in a bowl.

Then the next child in the team plays and does the same thing.

Once all the children have found a ninja and rescued into the bowl at the finish line, the game is over and one team is the winner.

8. The Ninja Warrior: 

The children all stand in a circle and one child is removed. That child will be the spy. The children that are left in the circle decide which one of them will be the “ninja warrior”. 

Once a ninja warrior has been chosen the “spy” is invited to stand in the middle of the circle. The ninja warrior then has to undertake a ninja move and the rest of the children copy.

The spy has to determine who is the ninja warrior.

The game can continue whilst constantly changing up the spy and ninja warrior.

9. Ninja Pinata: 

Pinata’s are always a lot of fun and it’s an easy game to theme to the party. Simply obtain a ninja head pinata and fill with candy. 

10. Ninja Balloons: 

The object of this game is pretty simple. Obtain some ninja head balloons and ask the kids to keep them up in the air as long as possible.

They will be ducking and diving to keep them in the air and prevent them from touching the ground.

Ninja Activities

Ninja Headband: 

The kids will love creating their own ninja headband that they can wear throughout the party. Simply purchase some plain fabric which the kids can decorate. This is a simple activity that the kids will love creating and then wearing.

Ninja Cookies:

If the kids love to bake, then this would be a fun activity to undertake. Have the cookies already baked, but allow the kids to decorate them ninja style.

Ninja Costumes: 

You could ask all the kids to come dressed in ninja costumes for a bit of extra added fun. Whether it’s an entire ninja costume, or just an aspect of the costume, it would be fun for the kids to feel they are part of the theme.

Child dressed as a ninja

Generally at the end of the party, little guests receive party favors. This can include anything from a simple candy filled bag to a few party favor toys.

To keep the games even more exciting and “ninja style”, you could hand out items to the kids throughout the party which will also double up as their party favors.

Examples include a ninja mask, cape or toy swords. 

Games are always so much fun to have at parties, especially kids parties. There are so many party games and fun activities to choose from that sometimes it can be difficult to know which ones to pick.

By choosing games that are suited to a party theme, it helps tie everything together and ensures that all the little party guests have a great time.

Need some more ideas for a party? Check out these party ideas. You will have a ton of inspiration for different themes for boys and girls, decoration ideas and more.

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