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Brand: Coat rack / hook-WENBO HOME


  • Enjoy quality of life, fortunate with you around, choose a good coat rack, so that your side of the environment looked warm and comfortable.
  • Exquisite fashion modeling widely used in the living room, European, study, hotel rooms, dining rooms, singing, coffee shops and so on.
  • Fine workmanship, double hardness, load-bearing stability, allowing you to rest assured that use.
  • Coat racks, so that the corner is not alone, to say goodbye chaotic life, with it so that the whole family have become different.
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Publisher: WENBO HOME


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Product brief introduction:

Name: Coat Rack

Size: 57 * 60 * 178cm

Color: cold gray

Material: stainless steel composite pipe + ABDS plastic

Apply: study, bedroom and so on

Note: This product is only for sale, other accessories are not sold

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