Wallniture Costa Wardrobe Organizer Wall Mounted Clothes Bar - Hanger Holder Organizer - Steel Black 14.5 Inch (Chrome)

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Brand: Wallniture

Color: Chrome


  • Easy Installation: Make your morning routine less stressful with this garment rack, the hanger holder has a length of 14.5" and a base of 5" x 1.25" holding up to 6 hangers. Find clothes and conserve space with ease.We recommend to install hanger rack on a wall studs with provided strong zinc anchors for proper use
  • Double Up Space: Hang whatever you want and double your hanging space. You can use shower hooks to hang jeans, or regular hangers for shirts, pants, jackets, kids clothing, boots, belts, you name it
  • Find Everything at Your Fingertips: This foldable hangers holder is an amazing helper when you want to hang your clothes straight from the drier machine, or when you want some of them to get air dried. This easy-to-use tool stands up when not in use, and opens with a little flick, so you can save space when you're not using it.
  • Get Rid of Wrinkles: You can mount this folding clothes hanger on any wall or even a solid door. The laundry room is the perfect spot to store clothes hangers, so you hang shirts and slacks fresh from the dryer.
  • Compact and Lightweight: This wonderful clothes bar is useful and amazing holding up to 6 hangers, even if clothes are wet, the rack is sturdy without bending. Don't be fooled by its small size, it's durable, efficient and perfect for clothes hangers.

Publisher: Fasthomegoods

Details: Tired of Having Very Little Storage Space for Your Clothes? Not Anymore! Get Creative with Organizing: If you use soda can tabs to hook the hangers together you can double your hanging space instantly. This pro-tip is perfect for utilizing your small closet space efficiently and hanging everything right before your eyes. Less Stress, More Productivity: Organize your closet space and neatly categorize everything, so you won't have trouble picking the perfect outfit for the day. You will make it to work on time with ease. Mount it Where You Need It: Hang your clothes fresh from the dryer or the ironing board, so your clothes are wrinkle-free and air drying no longer a hassle. You can hang shirts, pants, coats, belts, scarves and other clothing or accessories untangled and easy to find. The Garment Rack Will Help You To: Organize your closet space, conserve space and keep clothes wrinkle-free. Hang clothes straight out of the washing machine to let it air dry with ease, you can easily fold it back up and save space when not in use. Specifications: Material: Steel Color: Black Each Rack's Dimensions: Length 14.5" Base is 5" x 1.25" What is in the Package: 1 Retractable Garment Hanging Rack with Mounting Screws and Anchors

UPC: 653341804914

EAN: 0653341804914

Package Dimensions: 16.1 x 3.1 x 1.5 inches

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Yes. That’s what makes this product awesome! My wife has like 10 fancy long dresses on it folded up to save space. 
By Blaine Colton on January 3, 2018
Yes you can. 
By LunaAzzurre on January 3, 2018
It locks in place, so it should...but I've never tried to do that because I hand damp clothes on them to dry... 
By Country Mouse/City Mouse on January 3, 2018
No, the unit only works in the downward position. When folded up, the hooks of the hangers would get in the way. 
By Bob Brooke on January 3, 2018
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Depends on how you anchor it. If you use the drywall anchors I'd not put more than 15 pounds on it. If you screw it into a stud...around 30 pounds. 
By Terry Carter on December 18, 2017
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By A. Campbell on February 21, 2017
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The screws are long. I didn’t use the anchors but the Wallniture is very stable and I have mine loaded up. You’ll be happy with yours! 
By blue9244 on January 31, 2018
I chose to find the studs and not use the anchors -- much better to hold the weight of a full load of clothing. I am very pleased with the product. 
By Reenie on January 31, 2018
The screws and anchors were quite long, 1.5 inches (estimated). I chose to drive the screws into a stud rather than use the anchors, for extra stability. 
By E. Achilles Morse on January 31, 2018