The Most Sturdy Hanging Organizer - with Powerful Suction Cups and 3 Compartments for Storage for Your Locker, Whiteboard, Fridge and Office Accessories

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Brand: Homelf supply


  • ★ LET'S FACE IT we all have a cluttered space somewhere and we all technically want it to be organized but don't really have the time or willing to do so. This organizer is for people who lose their pens all the time or want to keep their space organized without a hassle!
  • ★ THIS MODERN ORGANIZER is made for storing your pens, markers, scissors, calculator, dry erasers and whatnot, so you have a clean space and mind to work with.
  • ★ JUST HANG IT on your locker, whiteboard, chalkboard, fridge, any metal surface or even any flat surface (expect glass) and let it do its job - ORGANIZE YOUR SPACE.
  • ★ BUT WILL IT FALL? well, before manufacturing this organizer we read more than 1000 reviews of our competitors and saw that the most common complaint was that the competitors organizer is sliding down or falling down when holding too much weight. Therefore, that was our most important goal when manufacturing this organizer and we're glad to announce that....IT IS THE STRONGEST AND MOST STURDY organizer you'll buy, and if not...
  • ★ TECHNICAL DETAILS: size: 7.9 x 2.3 x 4.7 inches, works best on flat metal surfaces, whiteboard and your fridge.

Publisher: Homelf supply


Stay organized with our new and improved organizer

Our main goal was creating a sturdy organizer that can hold your stationary products easily without falling, and with an elegant and classy look. We are happy to announce that we have succeeded! J

This nifty organizer...

✔ Easily attaches to flat surfaces, including mirrors, refrigerators and whiteboards.

✔ Is equipped with strong suction cups that will keep your organizer sturdy and stable.

✔ Is perfect for those who love when every item in their space has its unique and accessible place.



★ Convenient place to hold pens, markers, calculator, scissors even makeup.

★ Gives a modern and a neat touch to your locker.


★ Classrooms can get messy and things get lost. Use this organizer to keep everything tidy- all of your and your students' pens, markers, erasers and other school supplies.


★ Keep all your office supplies conveniently on your desk or attached to your whiteboard and make a good impression by staying organized.

Also, We believe in this product and in great costumer service, therefore we provide a no-questions-asked refund or replacement policy.

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Package Dimensions: 8.5 x 4.8 x 2.9 inches